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  • The One Email Tactic That Publishers Shouldn’t Ignore

    The first email newsletter I subscribed to was Warren Ellis’s Orbital Operations. Ellis, a writer and comic book author, has been sending these emails since the ’90s, and they haven’t evolved all that much since. His newsletter is mostly text, with a couple links to books he recommends or a talk he gave at a conference, and perhaps a preview of a comic he’s working on.

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  • Why the Publishing World Needs Humane Design

    How many times do you check your phone a day? Fifty? A hundred? A thousand? You’re still probably underestimating. If we’re anything alike, you check your phone even when you know there’s nothing new to see. You unlock it just to swipe through pages of apps or scroll through texts without tapping into any conversations.

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  • Study: 68% of Publishers Use Editorial Staff to Create Native Ads

    If you’re on the editorial staff of a media company, odds are you’re creating native advertising—or someone on your team is. According to a new survey of 140 magazine media executives in 39 countries, publishers are increasingly investing in native advertising—and they’re increasingly creating it themselves.

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  • How Google Designs Great Content, in 5 Steps

    As brands put more focus and resources towards creating content, one of the biggest challenges they face is making sure their content isn’t just on brand, but that it breaks through and reaches people. To create this type of content for it’s global audience, Google, a company whose corporate motto used to be “Don’t Be Evil,” turns to one of psychology’s best known constructs f ...

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  • Why Can’t YouTube Do Drama?

    Given YouTube’s popularity, it’s surprising that the video platform doesn’t have its own Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or Game of Thrones—a singular story that creates shockwaves of influence across culture—especially considering Youtube’s recent push into scripted original series with Youtube Red. With billions of daily viewers and millions of creators, there should probably be at le ...

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  • The Best Brands on Twitter Don’t Tweet Like Brands

    Does anyone care what SpahgettiOs thinks about Pearl Harbor? Or how Totino’s feels about the newest X-Men movie? What about when Kenneth Cole joked that violent protests in Egypt were a result of the clothing line’s new spring collection? No matter how many cringe-worthy tweets we’ve seen in the past, branded Twitter accounts seem fixated on capitalizing on the latest trend, whether it’s nation.

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