Oliver Mason

  • Link Equity and Crawl Efficiency Maintenance

    When conducting link audits, people usually look for risks rather than opportunities. By paying attention to what happens to Googlebot crawling external links to your site, you can usually find multiple ways to retain link equity and rank better as a result. This post should be useful for anyone working with big websites or old websites – especially those that have been subjec ...

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  • Using Optical Character Recognition for Better On-Page SEO

    Normal SEO advice dictates that text in images is sub-optimal. Google can parse it, but it usually won’t: Taken from http://seogadget.com/author/richardbaxterseo/ Why rely on Google expending more processing cycles to understand your content when you could just give them the text to parse? Since most Ecommerce sites tend to be a little thin on the ground for on-page text, ...

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  • Manipulating Browser History (for links)

    Not every Ecommerce platform is perfect in its internal linking and URL structure. In a client project last year, it turned out that we weren’t going to get perfect, so we had to get creative. Users could not actually access the raw product pages because internal links used extensive dynamic parameters.

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