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  • 8 Key Trends that will Shape Business in China in 2016

    8 Key Trends that will Shape Business in China in 2016 July 13, 2016 by Oliver Verot Leave a Comment China has changed a lot much more than usual in 2015. Indeed, the China’s economy has slowed down. That’s why, the President Xi Jinping has strengthened his power, which will involve huge shifts for 2016.

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  • How To Create A Good Chinese Website Content

    A lot of companies overseas try to get into the Chinese market which offers huge opportunities to be successful and attract new consumers. Nevertheless, this special market is not so easy to approach and brands need to be helped mainly in order to create a website focused on Chinese consumers. Indeed, they have shifting expectations which are really different from Western user’s ones.

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  • How To Choose Your E-Commerce Platform in China

    E-commerce is the new economy’s growth’s driver in China. Then, it is still progressing thanks to Chinese consumers super connected. Moreover, Chinese consumers purchased $589.61 billion worth of goods online in 2015, a 33.3% increase from a year earlier. When you are launching your e-commerce business in the Mainland, many things are different and strategies are uneasy to adopt.

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