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  • 10 Types of Social Media and How Each Can Benefit Your Business

    As a social media pro, you probably already use all the biggest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and media sharing sites (Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat), along with maybe a handful of others like Pinterest and Google Plus. But there’s much more to social media than the top social media and media sharing networks.

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  • Inspire Brand Loyalty on Social Media with this Checklist

    The positive relationship between an active online presence and brand loyalty is well-known to digital marketers. According to some reports, as many as 53 percent of Americans who follow a business on social media prefer that brand to their competitors. However, just being there isn’t enough. You probably don’t need another reminder about the importance of audience engagement on social media.

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  • A 6-Step Guide for Creating an Employee Advocacy Program For Your Business

    Many of us are guilty of an occasional Facebook humble-brag about a new job or a new title. We share anecdotes and stories from the daily grind with our Medium readers. We tag Instagram pictures and Tweets with #joblove when we want to show off a particularly cool aspect of workplace culture. All of these are examples of employee advocacy, even if the people are engaging in th ...

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  • The DOs and DON’Ts of Using Emoji in Marketing Campaigns

    Norm Macdonald has an exciting Chevrolet announcement to make. The issue? It's all in emojis. Will Ashley Benson, Jamie Chung, and Zendaya be able to whip him into shape at Emoji Academy. Only time will tell. Julian Smith, Karmin, Tyler Oakley, Eva Gutowski, Mike Tompkins and the all-new 2016 Cruze are really speaking our language! More #Chevy ...

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  • Create a Picture-Perfect Instagram Presence With 12 Best Instagram Tools for Business

    Instagram has no match among photo-sharing social networks, which is why businesses are eager to include it in their social media strategies. It’s taken the network five years since its official launch to begin rolling out advertising, due to the developers’ long-standing goal to make the integration of advertising content into normal browsing experience as seamless and natural as possible.

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  • The Ultimate Competitive Analysis Template To Help You Outsmart The Competition

    In the past, we have discussed how your company can use social media to stay in the know about other players in your industry. While social media allows you to keep tabs on your competition without leaving your office, these techniques can still take up a lot of time. Monitoring tools like Twitter lists are a great way to stay informed of your competitors’ current social media ...

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  • 6 Social Media Survival Tips for Small Businesses

    When it comes to creating a promotion strategy for a new business, an ideal scenario is one that results in the maximum possible reach with minimal budget and staffing requirements. It’s no wonder social media has been such a popular choice among small businesses, where one person is often responsible for the sales, customer service and marketing side of things.

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  • Inside #EndangeredEmoji: How WWF Uses Animal Emojis to Save Their Real-Life Counterparts

    For most of us, not a day goes by without using an emoticon in text messages, Tweets or emails. The use of these tiny emoticons isn’t limited to a single country or language, and in 2014, one of them even received the title of being the most frequently used “word” of the year. That’s why this year, one organisation harnessed the universal appeal of emoji to raise awareness for ...

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