• New ‘Income Effects’ Section Of AffEngineer

    ‘Income Effects’, sounds a tad corny doesn’t it? Anyway, I had an absolutely amazing idea, (not really), which I thought might be able to benefit a lot of you guys. From now On I’m going to post about anything related to my income stats that is out of the ordinary. If I have a big spike in income or if I suddenly hit negative ROI days, I’ll put a link to the relevant post ... 10 readers -
  • Negative ROI Shock

    Ouch, ruined my green 35 day streak! I got complacent here and started slacking off! It can only be blamed at me taking my hawk eyes off my running campaigns. You NEED to consistently be monitoring your campaigns or you’re just throwing money away. It’s been 3 times now where I’ve been on a really good streak so I start increasing my spend only to start hitting negative ROI ... 13 readers -
  • Record Day! $392.87 Wooooo!

    Wow, almost twice as much as I’ve ever earned working one day via employment This was solely attributed to Teespring. My other PPV & Google – Physical Products campaigns performed lower then usual but teesprings gave me almost 25 sales! I think a couple of people bought more then one top at a time. It was after this I really ... 3 readers -
  • Affiliate Marketing and Believing in Your Self

    I’ll start with a question. “What’s the difference between someone that achieves their dreams, no matter HOW big they are and someone that doesn’t?” Answer: The simple but strong belief in one self that he or she can achieve whatever they set their minds to. Don’t get me wrong, there have been countless times when I thought I wouldn’t make it.

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  • Affiliate Marketing is like Hunting For Golden Nuggets

    In the last 3 months, I’ve been able to attempt affiliate marketing from 3 countries. India, Malaysia & Thailand. I’m here in Thailand just for a holiday but it’s still necessary for me to keep an eye on my campaigns. In this short post, I’d like to just point out an analogy that’s really helped me understand success in affiliate marketing.

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  • February 2014 Report [Month #8]

    REVENUE: $8,170.49 COST: $4,203.38 P/L: +$3,967.11 Analyzing This Month Another Record Month! (Just). Although February was the shortest month I’ve had so far, (28 days), it’s actually been my most profitable. It’s also been the month where I’ve spent the LEAST amount of time on my business! First week or two I’m not sure about others, but I personally find it difficult ...

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  • Thinking about your demographic FIRST

    Hello hello, It’s taken me a while to get back into my blogging routine, (Tuesdays & Thursdays), so i apologize to the disappointed regulars who kept checking up on a quiet blog. In this post I wanted to blog about something I’ve realized after months of testing things out. Using myself as an example when I first started my entrepreneurial journey I ended up quitting ...

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  • Affplaybook In-Depth Review

    If you’ve been a member of my blog and have read a good amount of my posts, you would have noticed I speak a lot about AffPlaybook. I’ve been getting quite a few questions about the forum and realized it’s time to do a proper AffPlaybook review style post highlighting why I love this place. The Importance of Coaching/Direction when Beginning [$20 Off Coupon At The Bottom of Thi ...

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  • Record Day! $651.96, absolutely smashed my previous record!

    Wow, That’s a huge number for me. It’s almost 4 times as much as I used to earn as an engineer. I remember when reading threads and case studies of people hitting big numbers, it would all seem so far-fetched. Just 8 months into affiliate marketing I’m hitting similar numbers! Truly amazing feeling. So What Actually Happened? Ok, now for the details.

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  • March 2014 Report Month #9 | + $85,301.97 PROFIT

    REVENUE: $158,190.49 COST: $72,888.52 P/L: +$85,301.97 I know this is long overdue but trust me, there’s a good reason why! I’ve been under a rock lately because I had literally found a GOLD MINE on the internet and was spending every waking minute capitalizing it. I’ve been bragging about teespring for a while now but most of what I was doing previously was sending Googl ...

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