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  • Vertical first: How brands should actually be making mobile video

    Creating video for mobile used to be an exercise in repurposing horizontal video for vertical platforms. Now, with mobile as the first screen for most viewers, the logical next step is for brands to create videos expressly for the smallest screen. So why isn’t making videos for mobile as simple as taking a 16:9 horizontal video and sandwiching it into a vertical format? First ...

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  • Inside Hilton’s 360° digital experience: “Destination: Inspiration”

    Hilton Worldwide is doing what hospitality advertisers have attempted for decades: It’s giving consumers a real feel for an exotic location as they consider booking – and driving reservations with immersive ad experiences. The technology at the heart of this new approach? Virtual reality. In one module dubbed “Destination: Inspiration,” viewers are dropped at Hilton Barbados R ...

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  • The gamer’s guide to mobile advertising

    PopSong game developer FreshPlanet buckets their audience into two camps: Those that make in-app purchases and those that watch ads. Why? Power ups–sold for a dollar a pop–are simply more profitable, but that revenue comes from just about 2 percent of their audience. “Fifty percent of our revenue is coming from advertising, but it comes from the 98 percent of users who never b ...

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  • Just what is ad mediation anyway?

    This column was authored by Nikao Yang, SVP Global Marketing, Opera MediaWorks What happens when you try to plug too many cords into a single socket? Your system overloads. A publisher who plugs multiple ad networks into its system to maximize profits can overload it, too. Each ad network typically has its own software development kit (SDK) that requires integration into the publisher’s code.

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