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  • Publicis Groupe: Ad Fraud Rampant Even on Facebook

    Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Levy believes that advertising fraud is killing the industry, and that even Facebook is clueless how to combat it. Levy made the comments at a CNBC marketing panel in Davos today, amid continued concern over the reliability of digital advertising metrics. He noted that advertising agencies “are not comfortable” with being unable to access the algo ...

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  • Vemma Affiliate Pyramid Scheme Settles with FTC

    A year after being called a likely pyramid scheme by a federal judge in Arizona, Vemma Nutrition Company has agreed to halt certain business practices FTC alleged made the company a pyramid scheme. However, Vemma CEO Benson K. Boreyko, also a defendant in the FTC complaint, claimed victory because Vemma admitted no wrongdoing and was not declared a pyramid scheme.

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  • Accenture Just Makes Shit Up

    First, let’s ignore the fact that we’ve just learned that advertising agencies seem to be engaged in price fixing in order to ad more bullshit charges onto media. That should be enough to really piss you off and not trust any sort of agency, consulting company or “expert” ever again. Then there is this graphic from Accenture, which I’m pretty sure they have no idea what it me ...

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  • Jumbleberry Responds, Promises Pro-Complaince

    PACEDM published an article that was highly critical of some of the advertising practices of Jumbleberry a Canadian company that has a lot of nutraceutical products. While we stand by our discoveries, we wanted to give Jumbleberry’s CEO fair time to talk about the issues, recognize the problems and address them.

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  • Are Your Kid’s Toys Sharing their Secrets and Spying on Them?

    The talking doll “My Friend Cayla” is doing way more than just entertaining children — it’s also recording their conversations. A coalition made up of consumer advocacy and privacy organizations recently filed a complaint to the FTC claiming that manufacturer Genesis Toys and speech recognition technology provider Nuance Communications are using toys to violate the privacy of ...

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  • Jason A. Kotzker Pay Day Scammer Banned for Life by FTC

    The Federal Trade Commission has successfully taken down another Pay Day Scammer, Jason A. Kotzker. He had been charged by the feds in this case for selling personal information from people who thought they were applying for payday loans online and sold it to a scam that tapped consumers’ bank accounts and credit cards without consent.

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  • BAD NEWS: Funny Ads Make You Laugh but Don’t Actually Work?

    Advertisers often use humor to grab customers’ attention, but they should do so with caution, according to a recently published study in the Journal of Marketing Behavior. Ads that make people laugh are not always in the best interest of brands, researchers found. To borrow from Goldilocks, humor may only work to advertisers’ benefit when it is “just right.

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