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  • 4 Need-to-Know Inbound Marketing Trends

    Inbound marketing isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process. Instead, many moving pieces all work together to form inbound marketing. And when the combination is just right, those moving parts create great things. Finding a brand’s ideal inbound strategy requires a lot of planning, strategizing, and analyzing upfront. Don’t get me wrong, inbound marketing is awesome, but it’s also a lot of work.

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  • Chinese Company to Purchase Cogint-Fluent Co

    BlueFocus International, the international subsidiary of Chinese powerhouse BlueFocus Communications Group, is merging with the performance-marketing business of advertising technology and analytics company Cogint. The deal includes a number of public relations and digital marketing firms acquired by BlueFocus in recent years, including Canadian-based marketing communication ...

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  • Cake and Accelerize Face Bad News and Horrible Stock Prices

    After dominating the market for several years, Accelerize Inc, mainly doing business as Cake (FKA Cake Marketing) has lost significant market share to competitors. As a result of this, their stock is at an all-time low and the company has been cutting staff left and right. Worse, Zacks Investment Research lowered shares of Accelerize Inc (NASDAQ:ACLZ) from a hold rating to a ...

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  • Feds Say to Keep Amazon Deliveries that Aren’t Yours

    Last year, online sales reached nearly $395 billion. Predictions are for them to reach $523 billion by the year 2020. The Better Business Bureau warns that sometimes, with such a huge volume of sales, mistakes happen. Merchandise can get sent to the wrong address. Items that you did not order can arrive on your doorstep. Duplicate orders can be sent out.

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  • Immersv Virtual Reality Ad Platform Raises $10.5 Million

    Immersv, an interactive advertising platform for Mobile 360 and Virtual Reality, has raised a $10.5 million in a Series A financing. Rogers Venture Partners led the investment round, with participation from a top-tier group of institutional and strategic investors including Foundation Capital, The Venture Reality Fund, Initial Capital, East Ventures, HTC Vive, MCJ Co. Ltd.

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  • BREAKING: RevMoutain, RoiRunner, RevGuard Taken Down by Feds

    Blair McNea – CEO @ RevGuard The FTC has charged Blair McNea, Danielle Foss, Jennifer Johnson et al. with running 59 illegal negative-option “personal care” websites to dupe people into ordering products for which they are charged repeatedly. According to the suit, since the mid 2000’s the defendants have been in business in the negative option personal care space.

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  • 7 Search Advertising Network Goes Out Of Business

    In surprising news, 7Search has completely shut down operations and is no longer in business. While advertisers are concerned about the loss of inventory, publishers are worried they may not get paid with a company shutting down so fast. The company has not answered questions, or returned calls from PACEDM inquiring about the business – but we spoke to a few employees about what was going on.

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