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  • 7 Marketing Mistakes B2B Companies Often Make

    7 Marketing Mistakes B2B Companies Often Make Guides: How Do I? By Pace Lattin 2017-04-12 B2B companies must leverage the power of social media marketing to reach their audience and generate leads effectively. However, many companies that typically have worked in traditional marketing mediums or have not spent a lot of time on marketing can make a lot of mistakes as they tra ...

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  • LeadsCon Call for Speakers in NYC: Connect to Convert

    We’ve reimagined LeadsCon New York as LeadsCon Presents: Connect to Convert, and we want you to be a part of the excitement! As the premiere conference and expo on optimizing calls, clicks, shares and search to generate LEADS, Connect to Convert helps marketing and sales through the entire customer journey—from branding and customer acquisition to conversion and sales.

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  • Fake FTC Tech Support Shut Down by Real FTC

    The Federal Trade Commission has gotten an injunction against a Florida man who claimed to be offering tech support services on behalf of the agency. “Since at least July 2016, Defendant Croft, who purports to run a technical support company called PC Guru Tech Support or PC Guru, has been deceptively marketing, advertising, promoting, and offering for sale technical support ...

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  • YouTube Bans Ads on New Channels

    The video-sharing website has tightened up its model and as of now will no longer serve ads on YouTube Partner Program (YPP) videos until the channel reaches 10k lifetime views. The change should reassure some advertisers, although it could also upset many of its millions of creators. YouTube wouldn’t specify how many accounts would be affected by the change, but according t ...

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  • Experian Sells It’s Email Marketing Business

    Experian, the global information services company, announces that it has signed a definitive agreement to sell its Email/Cross-Channel Marketing business (CCM) to Vector Capital. The enterprise value of CCM at completion is c. US$400m on a cash and debt free basis. Experian has agreed to divest a 75% interest in CCM to Vector Capital, with Experian retaining the balance.

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  • Website Counter-Sues Federal Trade Commission Right Back

    Anyone who doesn’t like the FTC, and there are quite a few of them in the online marketing community, will find this story more than a little interesting., has announced through their attorneys that they were filing a counterclaim against the FTC in connection to actions taken against the company, and press releases done by the commission that they claim hurt ...

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  • In Memoriam Kyle James Terry

    As you may know, Kyle Terry, Madrivo’s beloved President, passed away on Thursday, March 16th. The Madrivo family would like to thank our valued clients, vendors, and friends for the tremendous outpouring of love and encouragement we’ve received over the past few days. We truly appreciate everyone’s support during this exceptionally difficult time.

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  • AdsNative Takes Fraud Seriously with FraudLogix

    AdsNative, a white label monetization platform that specializes in helping publishers to monetize their sites with visually integrated ads, has partnered with one of the top ad-fraud detection company, Fraudlogix to fight fake traffic. AdsNative is using Fraudlogix’s IP Block List solution to filter out online ad traffic generated through fraudulent means, such as bots, malwa ...

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  • EU Warns Facebook over Promoted Scams

    The European Commission is turning its attention to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The commission is concerned about a rising number of complaints from people who have fallen victim to scams on social media, and being subjected to terms and conditions that are incompatible with European law. Having already written to the three companies back in November, the European Commiss ...

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  • PepperJam Integrates with Shopify

    Pepperjam, a full service performance marketing company, today announced its integration with Shopify Inc., the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. As a major affiliate network integrated with Shopify, Pepperjam empowers brands using Shopify’s ecommerce platform with an effortless way to launch and manage a co ...

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