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  • AdRoll Kills $3.3 Million Partnership with Alex Jones InfoWars.

    What do democratic aliens who anally probe Christians have to do with the advertising industry? Well, if you are to believe Alex Jones and his videos, they are working together to discredit both himself and Donald Trump. Alex Jones Claims its a Conspiracy from the Deep Penetration Ad Companies AdRoll, the advertising network and agency has decided that it will no longer wo ...

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  • (VIDEO) How to Deal with Haters

    If you are successful, you have to accept one thing: Haters. The moment you start doing well, you are going to find that there are jealous people who have nothing better to do than spend their time trying to shame you. For whatever reason, there is a percentage of the population that finds joy in pointing out faults in others.

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  • Ikea Removes “Dirty Slutty” Women from Catalog then apologizes.

    After Swedish home furnishing giant IKEA distributed a separate store catalog in Israel, excluding pictures of women, Ynet reported on Wednesday, then apologized after enormous criticism The furniture retailer – which has three chains in Israel – aimed the new catalog at ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel, “Due to requests we received, we decided to launch an alternative and special catalog, which.

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  • Scammer Jeremy Johnson Going to Jail For Refusing to Testify

    Jeremy Johnson who almost beat all federal charges against him this past year may still be going to jail. The figure at the center of allegations against John Swallow took the stand on Wednesday but would not testify. “I understand it’s in my best interest not to answer questions,” said Jeremy Johnson, handcuffed, and dressed in a white shirt, khaki pants, and tie.

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  • Busted: 6 Affiliate Marketing Myths

    1. Myth: Affiliate marketing is really easy Despite what every “make money from home” douchebag wants to tell you, it’s not going to be easy to make money doing affiliate marketing. Do you think all you need is a website and affiliate links? Just like any other type of business, you need to invest time and money in order for it to work.

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  • YouPorn Offers $25,000 Bounty While Watching Porn

    Adult tube site, YouPorn has announced the creation of perhaps one of the most titillating bounty programs ever. You can get up to $25,000 for identifying and reporting issues that you find on the site, all while watching excessive amounts of fap worthy videos. YouPorn says it is working with bug bounty provider HackerOne to offer the service.

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  • Six Retail-Specific Search Ranking Factors for Google

    New research from Searchmetrics identifies the most important retail-specific ranking factors that online retail and ecommerce brands should include in their content and search optimization strategies to help improve their visibility in Google searches. A key point among the findings: retailers gain visibility by giving shoppers a seamless, generally ad-free experience in whi ...

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  • Q1Media Gets $6M Credit Line to Pay Faster from FastPay

    Founded in 2004, Q1Media serves regional and national marketers by reaching custom audiences via high-performing digital advertising across video, display and mobile. Q1Media offers over a decade of experience combined with ongoing innovation that drives results for marketers. With funding from FastPay, Q1Media made the choice to retain their ownership while expanding their ...

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  • Proctor & Gamble Chief Says Online Media is Crap

    P&G’s chief brand officer, Marc Prichard went on the defensive this past week, saying that he would be reviewing all of its contracts with agencies, in order to find where extensive fraud was occurring and that most of the media they currently buy is crap. “P&G believed the myth that we could be the latest mover on all the new shiny objects despite the lack of standa ...

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  • ClicksMob Bought by XL Media

    Israeli digital marketing firm XL Media has agreed to buy ClicksMob, a mobile performance marketing platform for $5.1m, in a bid to increase its reach in the Asian market. The acquisition is expected to increase the company’s presence in Asia as over 30% of ClicksMob revenues last year were generated in the region.

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  • New Site Lets You Review Anyone of Any Profession

    Tired of finding out that James that you hired to consult for you may have a long history of stealing from his clients, only after he takes your business plan and makes it his own? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could actually know this beforehand, to know how many times he had screwed over his clients? Trust in business is often earned, but if you are just starting and looking for the best of t.

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  • We Must Adopt Attention Metrics in Brand Advertising Now

    I remember when I started making money on banners, in 1996 with a company called Flycast, where I ran impressions at something like $100 cpm on a page that loaded advertising for an online game. I made about $15,000 in a few days, and used that to really launch my online marketing business. Until 2005 or 2006, if someone saw an advertisement in their browser, they would respo ...

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  • Seven Easy Ways To Optimize for B2B Lead Generation

    There is more and more research that B2B Lead Buyers are starting their entire process on the Internet. Even if they already have known lead sources, they are always looking for more — and having a proven way to generate great leads is a way to start. A high quality page not only ranks higher in the search engines but it also can earn more exposure in your pay-per-click campa ...

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  • Avoid the “Shell Game” of Fulfillment Fees!

    It’s hard to guess under which shell you’ll find the ball after some quick sleight of hand, right? That’s because you’re watching the operator’s hands — not the ball. Fulfillment providers that lead you focus on the fulfillment fee, really don’t want you to look at the postage. In 2016, clients spent almost 3 times the amount on postage that they spent on fulfillment services.

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