Paige O'neill

  • Have marketing channels become irrelevant?

    How do customers connect with your brand? Do they use online channels, off-line channels or a combination of the two? Among the online channels, which ones are the most popular . . . and how are they accessed – by mobile, tablet or desktop? How does the in-store experience relate to online? While it’s essential for you to know the answers to those questions – and more importan ...

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  • Are you fluent in the language your customers speak?

    The world is shrinking fast — not in terms of actual geography, of course, but in our capacity to communicate with one another in multiple ways, in real time, 24×7. Now that we can send messages across miles of land and sea in a mere heartbeat, the global marketplace is open to virtually every business, and everything can happen right now.

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  • Content: focus on your customers, not volume

    Feed the beast. Tame the monster. Stop the roar. Why do marketers insist on characterizing their content consumers as unruly, insatiable animals? I suppose it’s because that’s exactly the way many have learned to think of it. For years now, marketing organizations have been trying to create messaging that can fill what may seem like an infinite void.

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  • When it comes to data, big is not always better

    Despite all the papers, presentations and personal conversations that have been devoted to it, most marketers I talk to still haven’t warmed up to “big data.” That’s understandable. According to IDG Enterprise, about one-third (31%) of companies will be managing more than one petabyte of data by the end of this year.

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