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  • 5 Examples of Great Homepage Messaging For Your Website

    If you want to captivate a website visitor who comes to your site knowing little or nothing about your brand, nothing is more important than nailing your homepage messaging. You have just seconds to convince the user not to abandon your site. The main message is one of the most prominent elements on the homepage, and if it doesn’t appeal to users within those precious few secon ...

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  • Is Social Media How Users Are Finding Your Brand Online?

    Search, both paid and organic, is an indispensable digital marketing channel. Search signals substantial user intent. Someone who searches for “women’s hiking boots” is probably in the process of looking for a pair of hiking boots to buy. Someone who searches for “web design company” is most likely trying to find a web design company to do work for them.

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  • The Importance of a Content Strategy: What Your Brand Needs

    Every year around this time we (marketers, that is) create and consume a lot of content about the year that was and about the year to come. Over the past few weeks we’ve looked back at what made digital marketing news in 2016, and offered some marketing “don’ts” for 2017. But there’s also one big takeaway to focus on in the year ahead, and that’s the importance of having a docu ...

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  • The 2016 Summer Reading List for Digital Marketers

    For many, the summer is a time to take a break (even if only for a few hours on the weekend) from the usual chaos you experience the rest of the year. While those in the marketing industry may not have all the time in the world to sit back and relax each day, hopefully there is SOME time to unplug so that the other 10 months of the year don’t feel quite as tiresome or draining! ...

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  • Best Mobile App Designs: Our 10 Favorite User Interfaces

    For most brands, the decision to invest in a mobile app requires a lot of thought. You want to make sure that you’re choosing the right option for your brand in terms of design and development, and you have to ensure that your budget will allow you to market the app as needed. Ultimately, your mobile app should be something that your audience will find valuable and use on a regular basis.

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  • 10 Ideas to Improve Your Instagram Advertising Campaign

    Instagram is booming. Not only is the amount of individual users rapidly growing on this visually-engaging social media platform, but brands are leveraging the benefits of it too. According to a recent eMarketer study, the number of businesses using Instagram is expected to almost double within the next year.

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  • How An Integrated Marketing Campaign Can Help Your Business

    Marketing as a whole is a vast industry, full of various platforms and communication channels that connect a company’s messaging with their targeted audience. Whether it is email, paid advertising, social media, or a website design these channels are capable of performing well independently, however for most brands to foster significant results both offline and offline, the use ...

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  • B2B Twitter Strategy: Tips for Growing Your Twitter Presence

    Social media offers a multitude of benefits for brands that utilize it correctly. From increased sales to enhanced brand loyalty, various social media channels can serve as the foundation for a strong business plan. For any B2B interested in leveraging many of the well-known benefits of these platforms, integrating Twitter into your social media plan and overall marketing strat ...

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  • 5 Brands with the Best Back to School Marketing Campaigns

    For many businesses, the back to school season holds plenty of opportunities for major marketing “wins.” Various elements of marketing campaigns, including anything from interesting social media posts to valuable website content or interesting videos, can help to generate an increase in conversions and brand awareness.

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  • Ten Tips for Creating Content Marketing Editorial Calendars

    Content marketing is a crucial component of any successful business plan. Effective content not only helps drives growth but serves as an intricate aspect of audience engagement, allowing marketers everywhere to reach and interact with their users in a way that provides value as well as showcases an organization's expertise.

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  • Expert Tips on How To Increase Click Through Rate on Emails

    Nearly all industries and businesses use email marketing as a way to reach their audience. And it’s no wonder why--as email users, most of us are constantly connected, checking our inbox on desktops and mobile devices multiple times a day. By reaching users on devices that are just a touch or click away, marketers hold a major advantage if this initiative is properly utilized a ...

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  • 10 Facebook Tips for Creating Posts with High Engagement

    Organic reach on Facebook has recently become quite low, likely due to most brands seeing a higher return on their investments in the paid advertising sector. While promoted posts may be the go-to for many brands, effectively creating organic posts on Facebook can absolutely foster results for companies if the posts are created efficiently.

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  • 10 Tips to Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

    In the digital marketing space, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) has become one of the leading areas to hone in on if you’re seeking some major growth for your company. Whether your brand is facing a lot of competition, or is looking to bring in some more sales, employing the best SEO practices can provide you with the results your brand is seeking.

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  • New York City’s Best Marketing Internship: The Digital Agency Experience

    The internship experience is crucial to college students or recent graduates looking to immerse themselves in the field they want to pursue a career in. The “real world” experience an internship provides isn’t something that you’ll find in a classroom, and is a valuable opportunity to learn the skills needed to be an asset to any business or company.

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  • PR Tips for Content Rewrites and Building Brand Recognition

    When trying to promote your business, build brand recognition, or enhance your SEO rankings, implementing various public relations efforts are generally a good place to start. One of the more effective, and often overlooked, methods of pitching reporters in the interest of gaining a link to your website or a brand mention is by offering a content rewrite or a content contribution piece.

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