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  • 5 Examples of Great Homepage Messaging For Your Website

    If you want to captivate a website visitor who comes to your site knowing little or nothing about your brand, nothing is more important than nailing your homepage messaging. You have just seconds to convince the user not to abandon your site. The main message is one of the most prominent elements on the homepage, and if it doesn’t appeal to users within those precious few secon ...

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  • Is Social Media How Users Are Finding Your Brand Online?

    Search, both paid and organic, is an indispensable digital marketing channel. Search signals substantial user intent. Someone who searches for “women’s hiking boots” is probably in the process of looking for a pair of hiking boots to buy. Someone who searches for “web design company” is most likely trying to find a web design company to do work for them.

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  • The Importance of a Content Strategy: What Your Brand Needs

    Every year around this time we (marketers, that is) create and consume a lot of content about the year that was and about the year to come. Over the past few weeks we’ve looked back at what made digital marketing news in 2016, and offered some marketing “don’ts” for 2017. But there’s also one big takeaway to focus on in the year ahead, and that’s the importance of having a docu ...

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  • The 2016 Summer Reading List for Digital Marketers

    For many, the summer is a time to take a break (even if only for a few hours on the weekend) from the usual chaos you experience the rest of the year. While those in the marketing industry may not have all the time in the world to sit back and relax each day, hopefully there is SOME time to unplug so that the other 10 months of the year don’t feel quite as tiresome or draining! ...

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  • Best Mobile App Designs: Our 10 Favorite User Interfaces

    For most brands, the decision to invest in a mobile app requires a lot of thought. You want to make sure that you’re choosing the right option for your brand in terms of design and development, and you have to ensure that your budget will allow you to market the app as needed. Ultimately, your mobile app should be something that your audience will find valuable and use on a regular basis.

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