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  • Agency Analytics: Your Marketing Hero

    “With great power comes great responsibility.” -Spiderman It’s true for us marketers, too. We have so much in our plates, and being a mortal is not enough to do everything, so what do we need? Of course, a marketing hero that can help us! Enter Agency Analytics! Disclaimer: I’m not in any way related to Agency Analytics, I don’t sell it, it ...

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  • How to Convince People to Click on your Links

    In two months time it will be 2016 already, and yet many (link builders) are still worrying about the fact that they are getting more nofollow links than dofollow. But does it really matter? Three years ago, SEO is all about getting dofollow links, but that’s not the case anymore. I remember when I was still a link builder.

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  • 8 Reasons Why your Link Building Outreach is not Working

    Have you been link building for years now? Then perhaps you’re also doing outreach for years, still with the hope that your contribution will be accepted. And still, it isn’t working. Three years ago, I was blessed to be part of SEO Hacker’s family, in which I started as a link builder.

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  • The Real SEO: How to Rank in Other Search Engines

    We tend to focus on Google alone. I, too, am guilty of it. I remember when I was still in our Accounts Management department, personally replying to every inquiry we received from our services page, and I’m always excited to say “we can put you on the top of Google!” While ranking for Google seems like the best objective – after all it’s the la ...

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  • How Optimizing Old Post Increased Our Traffic by 884%

    There are 2 kinds of marketers, as Pamela Vaughan described it. The first one hunts for one big idea, while the other one grows through pervasive optimization. We used to be the hunters. However, as content drastically grew in terms of amount while the demand remained static, it has become harder to be the hunter.

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  • How Domain Name and Domain Extension Affect SEO

    I met an old friend last week who happened to be starting a business, and planning to create a website for it. She started asking me stuff like “what domain name I should use?” “should I go for a .com or .net or should I try .business?” Our supposed coffee time turned into a technical brainstorming, which got me thinking, “why did I bother meeti ...

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  • How to Leverage from your Competitor’s Success

    Ever wish you can beat your (most amazing) competitors but you feel like you don’t have all the resources and power to do so? That’s okay, for there are so many ways to do it, and so many tools that you can use to help you. In this article, I will show you easy ways to learn from your competitor’s success (in terms of backlinks and traffic) so y ...

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  • How to Distribute Content for a Larger Audience

    Digital Marketing today is incomplete without effective content marketing. As a business you need content to promote your services like never before. The best part is that many big and midsize businesses are investing a decent amount of money into content marketing. Businesses, however, are having problems with making their content work for them ...

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  • How to Optimize Your Mobile App for App Stores

    I was trying to download a photo editing app when I saw how many applications were available out there. And then it made me wonder. How do we know which one to choose? With over 2 million mobile apps in app stores, being seen and downloaded are the real challenges that app developers are facing right now.

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  • The Anatomy of a Viral Content

    We all want to create content that will be read, and shared over and over again. But with millions of content published every day, and the huge amount of information available online, it’s hard to keep up with the competition. All we can do is ask, “how do I get people to read what I write?” Good thing there are ways to boost your chance of get ...

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  • Five Sure Ways to Increase Guest Post Acceptance Rate

    You’re probably doing link building for many months now, exerted too much effort building backlinks from different sites, and already tried different strategies – from broken link building to blog commenting. Perhaps you’ve sent tons of guest post pitches, but still aren’t getting any replies. Still aren’t getting positive results. I know the feeling.

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  • Four Foolproof Post-Conversion Strategies for Better Customer Relationships

    As I was reading Copyblogger’s “Internet Marketing for Smart People,” I was reminded of the importance of relationships. “You know the old cliché, right? “Content is king?” Well, it’s wrong. Content matters, and content is a pillar of the “Internet Marketing for Smart People” method. But content isn’t king. Relationships are king.

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  • Is it Possible to Rank in Google Without Links?

    This is the question that my friend and I have been discussing since last year, which I believe is also the question of many. While it’s true that marketers don’t need to rely on link building alone to rank on Google, external links is still a big ranking factor, even in cases where webpages rank without links pointing at them.

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  • 8 Things You Need to Stop Doing in Your Marketing Emails

    Do you know that 70% of ‘this is spam’ complaints are marketing emails? That’s a big number! And it’s terrifying to know that a big chunk of our marketing failure is all from email marketing. For some people, email marketing is the best way to go, while for some, it can be so hard and frustrating that they would rather adapt other marketing strategies.

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  • Tools to Increase Dwell Time

    Now that we have a better understanding of what Dwell Time Metrics is and how it is now an important ranking factor, especially after Google launched “Mobile-geddon”, you might be asking, “so how can I improve my dwell time?” Well, that depends on your site’s current performance, which will then show what improvements are needed.

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  • Why Your Content Marketing Fails

    I want to ask you to look at the diagram above, for just a few seconds. Have you done it? Now I want to ask, is that how you do your content marketing campaign? If I’m going to make a wild guess, I think “No” is probably your answer. And if I’m going to be really frank with you, this is also why your content marketing campaign is failing.

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