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  • 10 Tools to Make Community Management Easier

    Online community management is not easy. With a laundry list of client feeds to monitor on a daily basis, having the right tools for the job is essential to prevent what we like to call, "social media meltdowns." social media meltdown Pronounced: /kayy-(oss)/ noun/verb 1. a state of being in whence any marketing official can find their community manager sobbing uncontrollab ...

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  • Tips to Build Your Brand the Best Performing Facebook Ads

    As a marketer, you know by now that most of your potential customers are more than likely a part of Facebook's ever-growing community. There are close to 900 million people logging on to Facebook each day! Whether your target audiences are college students or CEOs, they're almost guaranteed to be using Facebook -- and some of them are using it daily.

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  • 5 Social Media Statistics All Digital Marketers Should Know

    We’ve poured over the stats and have identified five of the most telling social media statistics for 2015. What are the key channels to build your social media strategy on, and is your business properly leveraging this knowledge in order to craft a successful campaign? Snapchat is growing at a rate of 56% a year As the fastest growing messaging app, Snapchat proves to be an add ...

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  • 2014 Summer Reading List for Marketers

    Ah, summer. A welcomed respite from the all-too-frequent pandemonium that exists nine months out of the year. As you fill this brief intermission from your everyday work day with day trips, sunshine, and one-too-many margaritas, take some time to stimulate your mind with some of the most worthy literature our industry currently has to offer.

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  • Social Advertising: Which Method is Right for You?

    With the growing number of possibilities for advertisements across social networks, it's easy to confuse who offers what within each platform. Luckily, we've got you covered. We're breaking down the top advertising methods for social media marketing on each social network to help you find the best investment options for your business.

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