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  • How to Invite Your Creative Angel and Devilish Editor to Help You Write

    Type, type, type. Backspace, backspace, backspace. Type more, delete, rewrite. Sound familiar? Writing and trying to edit as you go gets you nowhere. It’s two steps forward and one step back. It makes your writing process excruciatingly slow. Stick around because it gets worse. When you try to write and edit at the same time, you’re setting up two sides of your brain in a duel.

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  • 4 Surprising Ways You’ll Profit from Building an Online Course

    I had no idea what I was getting myself into back in the fall of 2009. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was feeling antsy. I had been running my design and marketing business for almost two decades. Over almost twenty years, I had helped every kind of client with every kind of project. Truth be told: I was getting a little bored. And boredom, as far as I’m concerned, is Enemy #1.

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  • 5 Ways to Embrace the Uncertain Path of a Heroic Entrepreneur

    Humanity has lived through many uncertain periods in our collective history. Economic instability, institutional racism, war, famine, environmental disasters, slavery, abject poverty, disease, physical and mental abuse — we’ve seen it all, and we’re still here to tell the tale. We’re a resilient bunch, it turns out.

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  • Warning: Are You Suffocating Your Blog by Needlessly Neglecting Newbies?

    Editor’s note: You’ll certainly have heard the following advice, commonly given to bloggers — “write for your ideal reader.” But the truth is, your most valuable readers won’t have identical needs. And if you ignore one important group, your blog growth could stall. Pamela Wilson’s new book is not just a must-read for content marketers; it’s invaluable for bloggers too.

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  • Content Marketers Share Their Secrets

    Here’s the final excerpt from my new book, ‘Master Content Marketing.’ Read the other excerpts here and here. ‘Master Content Marketing’ is now available for pre-order wherever books are sold. When you order today and register for the free bonus materials, you’ll get an invite to my exclusive readers-only webinar, Scary Good Content Marketing Tips Direct from ‘Master Content Marketing.

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  • The Efficient Approach to Marketing Your Business with Content

    A note: My first book comes out later this month! Here’s an excerpt from one of the chapters. To get early access to the whole book, look for the link to The Book Factory at the end of this post. If you could see me as I type this, you’d see that I’m gleefully rubbing my hands in anticipation. Because I’m going to talk about how to build out the content on your website, and ...

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  • Here’s How to Find the Right Mix and Fine-Tune Your Offer

    Have you ever wondered if your strange collection of skills and interests could be woven together to build a profitable business? If you have, you’ll love today’s Hero’s Journey article. Lauren Pawell is a rare breed: she has a background in development and marketing. That’s a combination you don’t see every day! Some people might have encouraged Lauren to choose one field or the other.

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  • Are You Fascinating Enough to Be a Content Marketer?

    If you work closely with someone with bright pink hair, you might begin to question whether you are interesting enough to contribute your thoughts to the topic at hand. Followings on the internet are built on memorability, right? I mean, if you don’t give high-energy talks like Gary Vaynerchuk, dress on-brand like Mari Smith, or sport a high-voltage cranium like Michael Por ...

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  • [Join Today] The Price of Authority Is about to Go Up

    A quick message today. I’ve got two compelling reasons why today is the perfect day to join our Authority advanced content marketing training program (before the price goes up tonight). Reason #1: Brand-new courses are coming this fall Did you get a minute to take a look at the Copyblogger Authority Plan yet? You can click the image to the right to download and read it — no opt-in required.

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  • That Exhilarating (and Terrifying) Feeling of Learning a New Skill

    “¿Qué quiere para su desayuno?” she asked, inches from my face. I thought as quickly as I could, and managed to haltingly request a piece of toast. “Pan tostado, por favor.” It was the only breakfast food I could remember from Spanish class. It ended up being all I ate for breakfast for the next week. It was the first of many frustrations I faced that year.

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  • How to Supercharge Your Online Authority an Hour at a Time

    Here at Copyblogger, we don’t espouse the “get rich quick” message that’s so prevalent in online business circles. If anything, our message has always been: “Let us show you how to work hard on the right things so you can see results over time.” Not too sexy, right? That’s OK. We’re not aiming for a catchy tagline — we’re aiming to get you real results.

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  • 8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

    Your precious words. You know they’ve got to be right to attract the audience you want. You’ve slaved over them, carefully crafting each phrase. You finally hit “publish,” and what happens? Nobody reads them. No comments, no tweets, no sharing on Facebook. It’s enough to send a writer into deep depression and wipe out motivation to keep producing great content.

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  • The Credibility Conundrum: Can Design Build Trust?

    Subject: Panic Date: Monday, August 29, 2016 Hey Milt, So like I said over coffee Friday, I’ve got to get a website set up fast. And it needs to looks credible! Not like I put it together in a week. Even though that’s exactly what I need to do. Not sure where to start. Thoughts? Frank Subject: Re: Panic Date: Monday, August 29, 2016 Hey Frank, Well, the good news i ...

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  • 6 Website Design Tips that Will Have Your Audience Licking Their Screens

    “We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.” – Steve Jobs You’re creating great content to attract an audience. A loyal audience that comes to know, like, and trust you. But what if you never get the attention of that audience in the first place? What if your website visitors take one look at your well-written words and move right along beca ...

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  • 3 Grim Realities about Online Authority that Will Make You Smile

    You’ve heard the whispers, haven’t you? “The internet has too much content already. You can’t get anyone’s attention with content marketing anymore.” I beg to differ. Sure, the internet is a vast sea of content. And the water level rises every day. But so does the discernment level of the average content consumer (read: all of us). We’re not satisfied with slapdash information anymore.

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  • How to Dig Deep and Discover the Treasure in Your Niche

    Let’s take a moment to sing the praises of counterintuitive moves that propel our businesses to a whole new level. Every so often, you try something completely different. And every so often, it really works. Take Jelle Annaars, for example. Jelle has spent years offering copywriting services to a long list of clients. But when he shortened that list, business improved.

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