pamela wilson & jeff goins

  • The Book is Launched! Now What?

    Despite some challenges surrounding her launch, Pamela’s book has been released into the wild and has garnered positive reviews. What’s next? Pamela and Jeff convene one last time to look back on where Zero to Book started and discuss the launch and long-term plans for Pamela’s new book on content marketing. They share insights about how to give your book a long and profitable life.

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  • Cool-Headed Advice for Keeping It Together Just Before Your Book Launch

    Having a powerful launch is important, but it isn’t everything. “The biggest danger to an author,” says Jeff Goins, “is spending all their energy on a launch.” Publishing your book is the first step in a long game. A published book isn’t urgent, so authors need to get out there, start banging the drum, and keep on banging it for a long time post-launch.

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  • Give Your Book the Best Chance with a Well-Executed Launch

    The timing of your book’s launch is important. But how important is it? Here’s what really matters when you’re ready to launch your book. In the words of Jeff Goins, “It’s really hard to launch too late and it’s really easy to launch too early.” A good launch can make a book, while a bad launch can damage your credibility as an author, as well as have a negative effect on sales.

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  • How to Get Powerful Reviews that Sell More Books

    Reviews can make or break your book sales. Here’s how to get reviews lined up before you launch your book. There’s nothing sadder than a book sales page with no reviews. Book reviews help your potential buyers decide if your book will have what they need. Few reviews = meager sales = few reviews.

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  • Pre-Launch Protocol: How to Position Your Book to Be a Sales Success

    Once your book is written, you’ll turn your efforts toward giving it the best possible chance to get attention, engage readers, and sell. Launching a book happens in three stages: pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. All three stages have an effect on the long-term sales success of your book. In this episode, Pamela and Jeff talk about best practices for each stage and how ...

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