• Question of the Day: Are there too many metrics?

    Are there too many metrics? Brands may want to see every detail, but agencies with their varied priorities often need a sherpa to guide them through the treacherous peaks and passes of media metrics. We sat down with Samantha Skey, CRO of SheK ...

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  • Publishers still need to learn how to use their audience data

    by Sachin Kamdar, CEO, Those who work in digital publishing are always thinking about what’s next, and back in 2012, that was data. When launched that year, I wrote in Mediashift, “It will become common practice to ‘interview the data’ when designing an editorial calendar, or selecting featured articles and posts for the near future. In fact, many newsrooms will require it.

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  • ESPN’s analytics chief on clickbait, Kardashians, and the versatility of data

    Get More Digital Media Updates from Numbers aren’t facts, clickbait’s not inevitable, and other takeaways about data from ESPN’s analytics chief Source: Editors and reporters aren’t called to a writer’s life because they love data. So it is not a surprise that more often than not, getting journalists to think about analytics is a hard sell.

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  • Video: CEO Sachin Kamdar on big data and personalization

    by CEO Sachin Kamdar traces his career in tech to an unlikely beginning: teaching inner-city kids at Brownsville High School in one of New York City’s tougher neighborhoods. Plagued by the gun and gang violence around them, students displayed a range of skills, making it difficult to impose a one-size-fits-all curriculum.

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