• ESPN’s analytics chief on clickbait, Kardashians, and the versatility of data

    Get More Digital Media Updates from Numbers aren’t facts, clickbait’s not inevitable, and other takeaways about data from ESPN’s analytics chief Source: Editors and reporters aren’t called to a writer’s life because they love data. So it is not a surprise that more often than not, getting journalists to think about analytics is a hard sell.

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  • Video: CEO Sachin Kamdar on big data and personalization

    by CEO Sachin Kamdar traces his career in tech to an unlikely beginning: teaching inner-city kids at Brownsville High School in one of New York City’s tougher neighborhoods. Plagued by the gun and gang violence around them, students displayed a range of skills, making it difficult to impose a one-size-fits-all curriculum.

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  • You’re using analytics wrong: five mistakes publishers make with their data

    This post was written by CEO Sachin Kamdar What do most people think of when they think of analytics? Metrics and measurement, mostly. Is this wrong? No. Analytics starts with data that can be counted, sorted and arranged into recognizable patterns. But limiting analytics to just metrics and measurement limits what you can do; the power in analytics is in the transla ...

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  • ‘The origin of the pageview’ and 5 ways newsrooms use data now

    “Chasing pageviews,” has become shorthand for everything that’s wrong with the digital publishing industry. Gimmicky slideshows, listicles and content farming have all been lampooned as the tactics of publishers angling for traffic at all costs. But editors in charge of driving growth at publications with well-articulated missions understand its not a white hat/black hat duel at dusk.

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  • Why publishers should cheer Facebook’s click-bait crusade

    Facebook announced yet another change to their news feed algorithm on Monday, and some publishers are finding themselves in a better position than others to curry favor from the major (and sometimes fickle) distribution gateway. Reducing the click-bait clutter is just the latest in a series of alterations aimed at filtering the news feed for quality.

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  • The Huffington Post on the rise of the viral editor

    Success on the web is all about testing, testing, testing. With access to more data than ever before, publishers are able to position their best content for instant virality while pulling their least popular back from the brink of obscurity. With about 1,200 pieces of original content published daily (alongside anywhere from 500 to 600 blogs), the Huffington Post is a data scientist’s dream.

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