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  • What exactly is PPC keyword management anyway?

    PPC keyword management gets a fair amount of attention as a topic of conversation (at least in the world of PPC pros!). It’s also a topic that sends my brain into overdrive when clients mention it. Why? Because the phrase is used so loosely it often means different things to different people. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that PPC keyword management isn’t just on ...

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  • Why all search ads seem the same (and what you can do about it)

    Let’s face it: anyone with an AdWords login, bank account and keyboard can create ads for search. It can be a Wild West out there, which means that many ads ultimately fail. They fail because they don’t capture the attention of searchers, because they don’t include the best information, and frankly, because they look like every other ad out there.

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  • 8 dos and don’ts of successful video advertising

    Meet Judy, our biggest fan of Coffee-mate Amaretto. Since it was discontinued in 2015, Judy's been on a mission to bring it back. We’ve received thousands of social posts, phone calls, emails, and over a dozen compelling letters – all led by Judy. We’ve been listening and think it’s time for us to say #ThankYouJudy. Thanks to J ...

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  • 3 common mistakes made in do-it-yourself PPC

    People have the best of intentions when they take on PPC without the help of a professional. And why wouldn’t they have high hopes when Google makes it look so easy in its myriad of fanciful videos? Now, I’m sure there are a lot of smart, self-taught business owners and in-house marketers who have found some success with PPC.

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  • Eight tips for getting the most from a modest PPC budget

    Has this ever happened to you? You acquire a new PPC account that’s in a notoriously expensive sector to advertise in. You have plans. Big plans and you’re going to “wow” the new team with grand ideas while visions of industry domination dance in your head. And then comes the reality check: They don’t have the budget. For a moment, your team feels deflated.

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  • 12 things successful PPC managers do in the morning

    There are lots of articles out there on what successful people do in the mornings (like this one), and you might have a specific set of things you like to do when you first clock in for the day in order to stay organized. For PPC agencies and high-level in-house PPC managers, brief morning check-ins with your team can be essential to your clients’ or company’s PPC success.

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