Pauline Jakober

  • Beat high-cost paid search clicks by sweating the details

    In some industries and sectors, the per-click cost of search keywords is notoriously expensive — so expensive, in fact, that it dissuades some businesses from even stepping into the fray. When a click can cost you $200 or more, that reluctance is understandable. At the same time, the costs of not stepping into PPC might be just as pricey, even if they’re not as obvious.

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  • Optimize your GDN accounts with more hidden gems

    In last month’s column, I talked about taking advantage of the summer months to optimize your SEM account. Using the summer slowdown (if it exists for you!) to examine your settings, review your ads and take a closer look at location options won’t transform your PPC account, but these small actions can add up to significant improvements.

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  • 5 common mistakes made by B2B paid search novices

    Here’s a common scenario in the B2B marketing space: You’re a member of your B2B company’s marketing team. As part of that team, you’ve become accomplished in a variety of marketing channels, including email marketing, content marketing, organic search, trade shows and so forth. But your team hasn’t yet taken the company into the paid search marketing channel.

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  • 4 reasons your PPC programs can fail

    None of us set out to have our PPC programs fail. But sometimes they do, despite our best intentions. Why do these programs fail? There can be many reasons. But sometimes, behind those failures, is some inadvertent self-sabotage — sabotage that will virtually guarantee a failed PPC program. To help you avoid inadvertently setting your PPC programs up for failure, I’ll use t ...

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