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  • How Big Brands Develop Brand Voices That Drive Revenue

    What makes your copy compelling? There are tons of articles detailing how power words will help your message stand out. How telling stories is the key to eliciting an emotional response and sense of camaraderie. And of course using classic formulae like AIDA to walk users through the different stages to a purchase decision. These are ...

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  • Are You Forgetting To Optimize For Awareness & Intent When Designing Landing Pages?

    The best color for your CTAs. What hero images work best. How to tweak your headlines. Writing conversion focused copy. All of these are the bread and butter of writers like me. We know these articles are going to grab attention because, well, people are always looking for an easy fix. Marketers the world over dream of changing their butto ...

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  • The Crazy Egg Guide to Conversion Copywriting

    PPC campaigns, email marketing, social media management, SEO optimization or good old fashioned word of mouth. All viable and potentially profitable methods to grow your brand. But they’re also all very different. A PPC expert couldn’t run a successful email campaign, just as a social media guru might struggle to achieve better SERP rankings. Marketing is a ...

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  • Is 1:1 Marketing Personalization a Realistic Possibility?

    Hi [FIRSTNAME], Thanks for ordering your free copy of the [LEADMAGNET] eBook, we really hope the tips provided help [ORGANIZATION] grow its customer base and take its revenue to the next level. Before you go [FIRSTNAME], I’d love to know what specific problems both you and [ORGANIZATION] are facing so I can better tailor future ma ...

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  • Why Your Lazy Attempts at Copy are Killing Your Conversions

    This is the greatest article you’ll ever read. Everything you’ve read in your life until this point pales in comparison to the wondrous insights you’re about to experience. Upon finishing this piece you’ll become the world’s greatest marketer, one who’s mastered the infinitely detailed nuances of the English language and how to leverage ...

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  • The Biggest Lie in Copywriting

    I am an artist. Or at least that’s what 90% of the people I speak to think when I tell them what it is I do for a living. There’s a belief that copywriters are, first and foremost, creative types. That we sit around doing little more than waiting for inspiration to strike. And that once our creati ...

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  • The Big Fat Guide to Content Upgrades

    You know how to grow a list, right? I mean, it’s a topic that’s been covered more times than I’d care to count. Well timed pop-ups, landing page best practices and appealing lead magnets have been the talk of the marketing town for years now. And sure, they’re all great methods proven to help you grow a sizable, ...

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  • 5 Email Automation Campaigns That Can Drive Revenue While You Sleep!

    It’s every marketer’s dream. To lay your head to rest at night with the knowledge that when you wake, your bank balance will be just that little bit bigger. The passive income dream is common enough among marketers and entrepreneurs. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch their bank balance grow as they sat back with their feet up enjoying a cold drink? But it’s always been an elusive goal.

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  • How to Build Your List Through the Amazon Kindle Store

    What’s the best way to build your email list? It’s a question every marketer asks themselves on a weekly (or more likely daily) basis. We all know that email, despite competing against new kids on the block social media, SEO and their ilk, still provides the highest ROI. But there’s a problem. Email’s high return is dependent on having a high quality list.

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  • How to Optimize Copy for a Better Mobile Experience

    Do you have any idea how often the average person looks at their phone? 46 times a day. That’s huge. Every single day the average person pulls their phone out of their pocket to check what’s going on nearly twice an hour. When you stop to think that they’re asleep for around eight of those hours, that number increases to nearly three times per hour.

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  • Why Tailoring Copy for Segments Isn’t Enough

    It’s something most marketers don’t really pay attention to. Sure you know the different stages of awareness and how your prospect progresses from attention through to action. And sure, you know that there’s different expectations at each stage requiring a slightly different tact and approach. But how thoroughly do you personalize your messaging for the various stages? Be honest now.

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  • 12 Email Tips That Convince and Convert

    It’s startling, isn’t it? That there are writers out there who – with a single letter or email – are able to increase sales ten fold. They’ve such a mastery of language that one letter could bring in tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. We all know email is the leading channel when it comes to ROI, but few have the ability to achieve results.

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  • 62 Power Words That Will Help You Sell

    Have you ever read a landing page, sales letter or even blog post which has unequivocally sold you on a product? The type of content you start reading knowing little to nothing about the product itself, yet by the time you’ve finished you don’t just want what’s being offered, you’re convinced you need it.

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  • 6 Tips to Supercharge Your PPC Copy

    Writing copy for your PPC ads is anything but easy. You’ve limited space, restrictive word counts and Ad blocking to contend with. Not to mention all the competition you’ve got to differentiate yourself from. There are no easy wins in the marketing world. Whilst PPC is arguably one of the more beneficial approaches to marketing and driving traffic, it’s also one of the most ...

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  • How to Dominate Your Industry With an Incredible USP

    Ah, the USP. A short summary of the primary benefits your business offers and what you, as a brand, stand for. There’s no better feeling than standing out from the crowd. When your customers immediately recognize what it is you do and, more importantly, remember you over the competition you really feel like a champion of business. But defining a great USP is anything but easy.

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  • The Psychology Behind High Converting Sites

    We all know the basics by now, right? Create a headline that hooks attention, display value with your CTAs, reduce distractions, simplify your pages so on and so forth. They’re actions well documented on sites like this and something we all know are conducive to better conversions. But the problem is, too many CROs are dependent on the test results others achieve.

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  • What You Know About Shopping Cart Abandonment Has Changed Again

    Anyone else fed up of hearing about shopping cart abandonment? Me too. So why, you might ask, am I writing this piece on the very topic we’re all so fed up of? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s because, as far as I can see, the general advice given on shopping cart abandonment is a carbon copy on every single site. Seriously.

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  • Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Which Vanity Metrics Should I Ignore?

    It’s a big day today. You log into your analytics and see that after months of hard work you’ve managed to increase your traffic by a whopping 50%! You pat yourself on the back and head to the pub to celebrate this monumental achievement. But your excitement is short lived. As the subsequent weeks roll on you notice that, despite this incredible leap in traffic, sales have barely moved.

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