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  • Storytelling for action: Why brands need to tell a complete story

    The sole predictive factor for the success of Super Bowl ads is the degree to which they tell a complete story. So concluded marketing professors Keith Quesenberry and Michael Coolsen, based on their two-year study published in the “Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.” While this is a reassuring affirmation of the power of narrative in a marketing setting, it begs the ...

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  • Branded storytelling: Capitalizing on moments that matter

    The fireworks have come and gone, and summer is finally upon us. Naturally conducive to gathering, this season beckons people of all ages to actively participate in moments that matter. While many of the same tried and true activities perennially prevail, it has long been the norm that each ice cream cone is Instagrammed and every swimming hole Snapchatted.

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  • 4 reasons why digital context matters

    “I’m shocked, shocked to find that my ads are running adjacent to questionable content!” Just as it defies credibility that good Captain Renault was completely unaware of the rampant gambling at Rick’s Café in “Casablanca,” so too is it impossible to believe that digital marketers don’t understand the risk of buying arbitrary media space via often blind auctions and machines.

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  • Digital advertising’s perverse incentives

    In digital advertising, as in life, it’s important to start with the desired end in mind. There’s a well-worn tale about a city slicker who gets lost while driving the back-country roads of Maine en route to the capital city. After driving for what seems like an eternity on unmarked roads, he comes upon a farmer on a tractor in his field.

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  • The tyranny of a blank page: Why creative matters most

    “And remember the tyranny of a blank sheet of paper,” my supervisor added as I turned to leave her office. I was a young account executive in the ’90s en route to read the riot act to a creative team who were tardy on an assignment. I was stopped in my tracks at this seemingly offhand advice. We had already spent months preparing the launch of a new campaign — exploring the ...

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  • MAdTech: The marketers’ view

    The modern landscape of media, advertising and technology — “MAdTech” — has become increasingly muddled. The means by which marketers need to advertise and media and platform companies need to relate to customers and advertisers are irrevocably changed and continuing to transform. So exactly how does a company scale in the MAdTech marketplace? Ipsos Connect (my employer) ha ...

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  • 10 behavioral science principles for great digital creative

    Dr. Herbert Simon, the Nobel prize-winning psychologist, coined the phrase “poverty of attention” back in 1971, at the dawn of the information age. “In an information-rich world,” he said, “the wealth of information means a dearth of something else: a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes [and what information consumes is pretty obvious] — the attention of its recipients.

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  • The future of digital advertising creativity and how to get ready

    “So what does this mean for advertising creativity?“ I had been presenting the “MAdTech” mash-up — the intersection of media, advertising and technology — to a group of marketing execs at a Fortune 50 company when the most senior among them threw down the gauntlet. “So what?” she asked. “We understand that the environment is changing inextricably, but what do we do now to ...

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  • Authentic storytelling: 5 rules for the new frontier of marketing

    In ye olde advertising world, broadcast time was the most scarce resource in marketing; the most influential campaigns were the ones that best leveraged 30-second soundbites. In the brave new digital world, media space has become virtually infinite, and the scarcest resource has become trust; the most influential campaigns are those which create a lasting bond with their con ...

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  • Keep it simple: 10 digital brand metrics that matter

    “We optimize against over 1,000 variables,” boasted the ad tech CEO just before drinks were served at yet another digital media summit. This was the grandest of many “bigger is better” assertions that were peppered into content throughout the day. “50 attention measures,” “33 engagement metrics,” “517 data sources integrated” — the claims clattered from the stage like heavy rain on a tin roof.

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  • 6 secrets of digital storytelling

    Humans are programmed to find a story in everything we see. Every picture, word or sentence, no matter how simplistic, is imbued with deeper meaning. This hardwiring helps our brain understand, contextualize and retain details about the world around us. For that reason alone, it is only logical that good stories can also function as potent strategic business tools — ways and ...

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  • 3 reasons why digital research is backwards

    “Say that again?” I asked, startled. “We don’t pre-test our advertising,” repeated the Fortune 50 marketer. I convinced myself I was hearing things. Twenty years ago, I worked on several of this marketer’s iconic brands, and they were rigorous adherents to a dogmatic advertising testing process.

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  • 3 strategies to survive the “Adblockalypse”

    Poor, aggrieved advertising just can’t catch a break. Even in the good old days, when families gathered in living rooms to watch TV, advertising needed to run the gauntlet to be effective: creating an opportunity to see, capturing attention, leaving a branded impression, delivering a message, and finally, changing attitudes and behavior.

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  • It’s a mad, mad, MAdTech world

    Technology is fundamentally reshaping the advertising and media landscapes; the fault lines between pure-play media and advertising are fast disappearing. We now live in a world in which media, advertising and technology — “MAdTech” — intersect to fundamentally alter how consumers “consume” content.

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