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  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Link Building Efforts

    Independent of the link building strategy you are working on, there are simple improvements that can make your effort so much more efficient. Here are 10 of them: Select Potential Partners 1. Mimic Successful Examples Choose link partners or the type of link partners your competitor or international counterpart already has in their link profile. If possible, get links from the same partners. 2.

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  • 5 Steps for Infiltrating Communities for Links

    Social media can be very effective for link building, but it's also easy to waste a lot of time on ineffective social media activities. To be effective in SEO, we're not aiming for likes or retweets, but links on regular websites. Webmasters need to notice your message, but getting people to share your URL is not the end goal.

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  • Fixing Other People's 404s for Link Building

    A very old link-building strategy that needs to be addressed every once in a while is 404 fixing: when you check if interesting websites link to a non-existing URL and you offer an alternative piece of content they could link to to fix it. You can start by looking at the incoming or outgoing links from sites with similar content.

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  • Becoming Linkable: What Would They Link To?

    When developing link building strategies it is very interesting to see what particular websites have already linked to in the past.It shows what their organization and editors are vulnerable to and which parts of the website are more likely to link out with a dofollow/regular link. Where various tools report on the incoming links to a domain, very few sources allow you to ge ...

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  • Can Buying Installs Aid Organic App Ranking?

    In regular Google SEO, paid links and advertising are negative link-building signals, but sometimes Google works with double standards. It seems both Google Play and the iOS App Store love all your installs, paid or not. Effectively, buying your app install base makes you rank in popularity lists, rank for great keywords in app search, and gets you the attention of popular review sites.

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  • Link-Building Inspiration: Cookie Policy Information

    Keeping track of the link profiles of inspirational websites provides me with a lot of new link-building ideas. In many cases I can reverse engineer the factors that made them successful so I can create new strategies based on those. I rarely get a "Why didn’t I think of that?" feeling, but the following example definitely made me jealous.

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  • Complementary Services for Link-Building

    If you provide services that are complementary to those of another website, that’s an obvious reason to collaborate and exchange links. Not competing with each other’s services is an important aspect of being linked to or not. This way, splitting up or combining your activities under a single domain becomes an important SEO dilemma.

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  • Holiday Season Link-Building

    Attracting links for Christmas-related keywords is probably seems like a weird thing to do in August, but four months in advance is a regular timeframe to see Google ranking from your link-building effort in November and December. For those of you who didn’t do their Christmas link-building this summer, here are a couple of link bait ideas to help you catch up with the competition.

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  • People Build Links

    Begging for links with some good piece of content by email is what many companies call link-building nowadays. But I feel old-fashioned lobby work, networking, and people skills are much more effective, with or without that content. Knowing the right people in person and getting links based on goodwill can provide the best links, but it can also be very time-consuming.

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  • Accidents Are Great for Link-Building

    Link-building is often the result of a deliberate action and seldom something accidental. However, accidents and deliberate accidents have proven to attract great links that result in great Google ranking. Here are a couple of accidental link-building strategies. Bankruptcies Attract Links No one reports on a business that is doing well, but once one is in trouble, the report ...

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  • Block Determination and Link Distribution

    Google is getting better and better at recognizing what blocks within your Web page serve what purpose. For Google this is especially effective when trying to figure out what the main content of your website is, but it is also a good way to see what content is prominent for the visitor and what isn’t.

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