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  • What are the Best Lower Ab Exercises for Your Workout?

    First, let’s set something straight – there’s no such thing as “lower abs.” It’s actually all one muscle. Getting rid of body fat in your lower abs is tough because there is no way to directly target so-called “love handles.” Instead, your entire body needs to be activated to burn fat overall, as is explained by Sadik Hadzovic in this Men’s Fitness article.

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  • Body Beast Review – Our Pros, Cons and the Final Verdict

    If you’re looking for a strength building program that’ll keep you going until you reach your goal, look no further than Body Beast. There are no results like Body Beast results, and definitely not for the same price. My biggest issue with workout plans is that you need a gym membership for most of them, and consistently making it to the gym 3 or more times per week for sever ...

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  • What are the Best Work Out Plans for Men

    Guys, let’s face it: we all want to be muscular, and we all have room to improve. The biggest issue is how to actually do that. Age-old wisdom says the first step is to just get up and start working out, which is better than nothing, but it’s a lot better to work out with a plan. Who has time to sit down and make up a several month workout and eating plan, then exercise sever ...

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  • Our Best Way to Build Muscle Mass

    Building muscle mass is a holistic process. You can’t just exercise, and you can’t rely on your diet alone – and no, there isn’t a magical pill that’s going to give you Schwarzenegger muscles in a week. The top way to build muscle mass is to develop a realistic plan focused on weight training and stick to it.

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  • What is the Best Six Pack Workout Possible?

    So-called six packs are a much coveted fitness goal. This is a beauty ideal, especially for men, that is especially popular thanks to modern media. The truth is that you don’t need to have six pack abs to be in incredible shape – but that’s the thing with beauty ideals; sometimes, we don’t really care! Muscles are attractive, and six packs are one of the most prominent display ...

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  • Daily Burn Reviews – all that You Need to Know

    If you’ve landed here, you probably have some burning questions such as: is dailyburn worth it? Are their strength training programs effective? Daily burn reviews (especially unbiased ones) are a bit difficult to come by since the site is relatively new. There are many similar products available with more established reputations, but the variety offered by this site definitel ...

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