• What’s In A Name?

    Many SEO love keyword-loaded domain names. The theory is that domains that feature a keyword will result in a boost in ranking. It’s still a contentious topic: I've seen bloggers, webmasters and search aficionados argue the case around the death of EMDs time and time again, despite the evidence staring them in the face: EMDs are still all over the place.

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  • Please Remove My Link. Or Else.

    Getting links removed is a tedious business. It’s just as tedious for the site owner who must remove the links. Google’s annoying practice of "suggesting" webmasters jump through hoops in order to physically remove links that the webmaster suspects are bad, rather than Google simply ignoring the links that they’ve internally flagged, is causing frustration.

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  • The Positive Negative SEO Strategy

    There’s a case study on Moz on how to get your site back following a link penalty. An SEO working on a clients site describes what happened when their client got hit with a link penalty. Even though the link penalty didn't appear to be their fault, it still took months to get their rankings back. Some sites aren't that lucky. Some sites don’t get their rankings back at all.

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  • Handling Objections From SEO Clients

    If the current war on SEOs by Google wasn’t bad enough if you own the site you work on, then it is doubly so for the SEO working for a client. When the SEO doesn’t have sufficient control over the strategy and technology, it can be difficult to get and maintain rankings. In this post, we'll take a look at the challenges and common objections the SEO faces when working on a ...

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  • Keep Visitors Coming Back

    Facebook. A mobile phone. Email. How often do you check them? Many of us have developed habits around these services. The triggers that help create these habits can be baked in to the design of websites. The obvious benefit of doing so is that if you create habits in your users, then you’re less reliant on new search visitors for traffic.

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  • Optmizing Against Competitors

    You’ve got to feel a little sorry for anyone new to the search marketing field. On one side, they’ve got to deal with the cryptic black box that is Google. Often inconsistent, always vague, and can be unfair in their dealings with webmasters. On the other side, webmasters must operate in competitive landscapes that often favour incumbent sites, especially if those incumben ...

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  • Measure For Business Benefit

    Matt Cutts is just toying with SEO’s these days. Going by some comments, many SEOs still miss the big picture. Google is not in the business of enabling SEOs. So he may as well have a little fun - Matt has “called it” on guest posting. Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.

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