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  • 7 Proven Ways to Get Traction for Your Small Business

    Street racers might have powerful engines under the hood, but they know that they must convert that power to forward motion or they are just spinning their wheels. It’s all about traction, and it’s the same in business. Let’s assume you have a great product, the powerful engine that will drive your success.

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  • The Power of Promotion – How to Stand Out From the Rest

    As you and your team wrestles with decisions about dollars spent on promoting your company and its products, where should the emphasis be? Advertising using paid media in its many forms such as print, radio and television? Promotional items and corporate gifts that keep your company on the minds of existing and potential customers who will turn to you when they have a product or service ne.

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  • How To Stay On Top Of Marketing Automation

    Automation is revolutionizing the way commerce happens in every sector of the economy. In the fast food industry, self-serve kiosks are replacing order takers. Manufacturing facilities around the world are outfitted with robotics that deliver precision and efficiency. The automation revolution is also impacting marketing in a big way.

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  • The Importance Of Communication In Business

    One of the most important elements in the success of any business is making and nurturing contacts. Lasting relationships, whether personal or professional, require consistent communication. Communication takes time, and in the past, if you had a lot of friends, some were bound to occasionally feel neglected after not having received a phone call, card or letter during traditional holidays.

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