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  • Best Local Co-Op Video Games for Two Players

    I’m lucky enough to own multiple computers. Putting Steam offline, makes it a breeze to lan games like Torchlight 2 with a guest. However, few weeks, I’ve been playing more local co-op video games with my amazing girlfriend. Here are our top casual couch co-op picks from worst to best. In other words, games that even not gamers can enjoy together by just connecting your laptop ...

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  • March 2017 Goals

    I put a bit less things this month because I have some carry-over tasks. March 2017 Goals Book a check up with my family doctor Do a budget report every 2 weeks ...

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  • How to Predict Blog Post Revenue

    A recent post on Data Science Central caught my eye that could definitely be used to predict blog post revenue: The writer wrote an algorithm to predict the page views of an article based on keywords in the title and post type. It was quite inte ...

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  • February 2017 Goals

    I heard writing down your goals helps you to accomplish them. Here are the things I feel like I can accomplish this month. February 2017 Goals Book a check up with my family doctor Get a small jacket for winter/spring running Do a budget report every 2 we ...

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  • Choosing a Driving School in Montreal

    If you’re looking for general tips on choosing a driving school in Montreal, this post may or may not be for you. However, it may help you figure out where and which school you would like to sign up to. This is a journal of my though process while choosing where to take my driving lessons. Should It Be Close to Work or Home First question before I am even going to start looking ...

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  • January 2017 Goals

    I heard writing down your goals helps you to accomplish them. Here are the things I feel like I can accomplish in January 2017. Health & Fitness Book a check up with my family doctor Book an eye appointment for new glasses Get a pair of running shoes and a small jacket for winter running Money ...

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  • Using IF & Other Logical Functions in Excel

    Many Excel users know how to use basic logical functions. However, I’ve realized that many people are uncomfortable combining multiple Excel logical functions into a single large chain. This is the first step to becoming an Excel wizard. Excel Logical Functions List The following is the list of functions that I will cover in this post.

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  • Mixing Product Content and Marketing Content

    The last talk that I will be attending at RDV_MARKETING is the one given by some lady from Twitter. I’ll probably update to her real name later but she seems really interesting and unlike the Ulule guy has good designers. Her talk is much more focused on tech products, but I’m going to try and convert her message fast into something applicable to eCommerce.

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  • Crowdfunding as a Native Advertising Channel

    Another post about a talk at RDV_MARKETING from the guys from Alexandre Boucherot from Ulule is a crowdfunding platform that has been available to Canadians for about a year. Types of Crowfunding There are three types. The first is the standard type like Kickstarter, Users give you money in exchange for perks. The next offers equity. That means that users get a cut of your profits.

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  • How to Be Better at Influencer Marketing by Infopresse

    As part of the conference, Infopresse is promoting on of their paid training. This particular one focuses on Influencer Marketing. Hopefully, it’s good but it sounds like it will be just a long talk about how to get people (influencers) to promote your brand on Instagram. Why Focus on Influencer Marketing Strategies First and foremost, Quebec is behind compared to the rest of N ...

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  • Tips on Penetrating New Markets from Spotify Canada

    I’m currently attending the RDV_MARKETING where Jamie Hebert, Spotify’s Head of Marketing is talking. For those who don’t listen to music, Spotify was introduced into the Canadian market in 2014 and is a music streaming service. His talk addresses three issues with moving a service into a new market: Expanding audience once early adopters have been saturated Moving from c ...

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  • My New Office Headphones: Sennheiser HD-280 Pro

    I finally purchased a pair of office headphones. I’ve had cheap earbuds for the longest time: the default iPhone earbuds, the earbuds that came with my Sony Xperia Z3 and the ones I bought at the dollar store. I have to admit I’ve neglected to give my ears the music experience they deserves. That’s why I decided to give them a treat by purchasing a brand new pair of Sennheiser ...

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  • Creating my first eBay listings

    I’ve been working on helping a brick and mortar store build their first eCommerce site. I’ve been running roadblocks due to their lack of inventory management practices. The store manager refuses to install a POS and has never had employees track their inventory daily. In order to start training the staff to keep track of their inventory and fix some small kinks in our shipping ...

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  • Two scalable branded link reclamation tactics

    This post is a work in progress. It requires more images and maybe a video tutorial! There are a lot of tutorials and bloggers that state branded link reclamation is really easy. According to these SEOs, all you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps: Navigate to Google Search for your brand Find a non-linking brand mention Send an email The four step process is a lie.

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  • How to fix invalid WordPress RSS feed errors

    I recently read a great article by Brian Dean about untapped backlink sources. While some are definitely not untapped, I decided to try two of them on Another Marketer. The first source I tapped were blog aggregators. I had no problems submitting my blog feed until I hit Alltop. According to Alltop, I submitted an invalid WordPress RSS feed I checked the RSS feed on FeedValidator.

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  • Google+ profile links show up as nofollow when logged in

    The second link building tactic from Backlinko’s blog post also ended up being a bit trickier than expected. This time it wasn’t because of a WordPress RSS feed issue, it’s because Google+ shows all profile links as nofollow when you’re logged in. What is even more misleading is that selecting to view your public profile also shows a nofollow link. I decided to do ...

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  • Steal backlinks from a competitor’s product pages

    Last month, a guest post by Chris Laursen caught my eye. It was about link building tactics for eCommerce that do not require quality content. One prospecting tactics Cris used was uncovering backlink profiles of closed businesses. I’ve decided to test something slightly different. Rather than look at closed businesses, the goal will be to steal backlinks from an active competitor.

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