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  • 4 common mistakes that tank responsive mobile conversion

    About a decade ago, almost everyone who accessed the internet used a desktop computer. Just two screen sizes accounted for 77% of all web usage in 2006. This pattern has completely shifted. Research by mobify.com found that today, ten screen sizes – different laptops, tablets, smartphones, monitors, netbooks and web-enabled TVs – account for 77% of web usage.

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  • 5 UX best practices for a search engine focused website

    Irrespective of your industry, you rely on your website to build trust, build relationships, provide services, and sell products. Proper SEO will draw customers to your website, thereby improving your search rankings while UX helps a visitor to locate the needed information on your website and helps in starting a relationship with your prospective customer.

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  • 10 Unforgivable Facebook Marketing Mistakes From Big Brands

    Dear brands, we love you but you have been making a mess of our Facebook newsfeeds with your constant, inappropriate selling, content and updates. Please stop! Ever logged into Facebook to be social and interact, only to see a brand trying to sell to you right there? I cringe at the sight of misplaced advertising and selling.

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