Polly Pospelova

  • Is Personalisation The Death of Exploration?

    Personalisation has been one of the big trends in recent years, and I’ve worked with many brands who consider the personalisation of a customers’ digital experience to be key to their business and credibility. Many well known brands have been slow to get on board with personalisation, and in particular, working to adopt a multi-channel approach with a joined up digital strategy.

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  • Locate Your Audience in Minutes with Google Fusion Tables

    When it comes to advertising on AdWords (or other search engines networks), it’s all about “Location, location, location”. It doesn’t matter about good your advert is, if your advert doesn’t appear in the right places, it won’t perform well. AdWords location targeting places your ads in geographic locations that you choose, such as: countries, areas within a country, a radiu ...

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  • Top Tips for Developing Personalised User Experience

    In the current age of digital the success of any online business depends on satisfying its website visitors. Competition in most sectors is fierce and business owners should go the extra mile to improve the user experience and engage with customers. Interacting with a website should be like having a one to one conversation between the business representative and the customer.

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  • Top Tips on Driving Online Conversions From Offline Ads

    People are increasingly using their mobile devices while on the move traveling to work, dining out or even watching TV at home. With smartphones, tablets and phablets many people have the internet at their fingertips at all times. It is more important than ever to be focusing efforts on directing the audience from offline ads to the coordinated landing pages or websites whe ...

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