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  • 13 Quick Tricks to Drive Traffic to Your Blog in Minutes

    It happens to the best of bloggers. You produce stellar content that’s helpful and easy to read. You even publish a blog post a week – or more – to prove you’re serious about blogging. You genuinely care about your audience. But sometimes, despite doing everything by the book, the traffic’s a dud.

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  • How to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd of Competitors

    Do you ever feel like everyone in your industry is doing the same thing? They have the exact same message as you; the same style and tone and even their websites look eerily similar to yours? If you're doing the same marketing strategies as everyone else – sending similar newsletters each Thursday and the same, rehashed points of view in each newsletter for example – you won't stand out.

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  • How To Create Effective Visual Content That Boosts Engagement

    A brief overview of how to use the iPad for visual recording/notetaking. Includes things to consider when doing this; how this is different from traditional (paper-based) visual recording; and comparisons of four tools (Ideas, AirSketch, Brushes, and SketchbookPro). For details about how I made this video, please see this blog post: http://ninm ...

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  • 15 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Sure Your Emails Are Opened and Read

    You’ve been there before. You follow all the expert advice out there to the “t”. You type up a stellar email for your list. You go ahead and hit “Schedule”. The next day, you’re excited to pull out the email stats. And you realize it’s nothing you had hoped for. In fact, your open rates are less than the industry “norm” of 20%, and you’re stuck thinking whether your subsc ...

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  • How to Make Readers Love Your Blog in 5 Simple Steps

    92% of the companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog. A blog can boost your business especially if you know how to convert a new visitor into a real-time reader, and then a “lead” who subscribes to your blog. The “stickier” you make your website and the more wow factor you deliver in your content, the better chances they’ll stay around for longer.

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