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  • Putting The Focus On Conversion Rate Optimization

    In the State of Paid Search, we get to look at how paid search is performing and how it’s progressing. There are areas where focus will either stay the same, increase, or decrease. An area that’s increasing is conversion rate optimization (CRO). The focus on CRO will increase by 79% in the coming year.

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  • Expect Growth With Yahoo Stream Ads

    Now that the holiday madness is over, it’s time for digital marketers to plan where we’ll be spending in 2015. According to The State of Paid Search survey, the PPC market is predicted to have slower growth in 2015 than it did in 2014. However, account managers are still excited about growth opportunities for the new year.

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  • The Role Of Social Networks Moving Forward

    Social networks play a large part in the advertising industry. It’s likely that the majority of you get plenty of advertisements shown to you once logging in to Facebook or Twitter. As the industry continues to grow, be prepared for even more advertising platforms. In 2015, advertisers will want to focus on non-Google opportunities.

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  • #Hanalife – Become A Hanapin Team Member

    It’s more than just a hashtag, hanalife is really a thing! Just ask anyone who works here. Sure, we like to make up words and put “hana” in front of everything we say (#hanaeverything), but beyond creating our own vocabulary, we have a culture that embodies this same enthusiasm. And lucky for you, we’re growing! We’re hiring both for our Paid Search Team and for non-paid search positions.

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  • What Is PPC Keyword Research?

    Keyword research is essential when expanding PPC accounts. There may be many terms relating to your product or services that advertisers or agencies may be unaware. This is where keyword research can be beneficial. How do you perform keyword research? There are multiple tools that advertisers and agencies can utilize to in order to find keywords to expand their PPC accounts.

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