• For content marketers, an alternative to the CTR

    This article was written by Sloan Gaon, CEO of PulsePoint. Brands have long known the importance of evaluating campaigns for both brand impact and tangible performance goals. Content marketing has helped brands to create compelling messages, while programmatic technologies have helped to deliver those stories to the right people and achieve campaign goals.

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  • The Exchange Rx: 4 ways ad exchanges must get better

    Ad exchanges are looking for ways to step up their game. Global display advertising across the web, mobile Internet and apps continues its rapid climb –up by 32 percent last year, per Nielsen. And the volume of programmatically-traded advertising is rising with it. If the supply-side is to keep pace with the demand, it needs to move beyond standard integrations and pull interfaces.

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  • Programmatic’s branding boosters

    There’s a common refrain that programmatic is just about remnant inventory, that it only runs on long-tail sites, and that programmatic ads have terrible creative. This chorus of negativity implies that programmatic simply cannot be used for brand awareness. Experts say this just isn’t true. “The biggest beauty of programmatic is that you can drive brand awareness — you can de ...

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  • A tale of two programmatic strategies

    AOL owns and operates 20 sites. Forbes owns and operates one site. The difference between the two isn’t 19 sites, but how each thinks about — and executes on — their programmatic strategies. Programmatic strategy isn’t a one-size-fits all approach, even though the end goal is the same: yield optimization. “That’s the table stakes,” said Mark Howard, Forbes’ CRO.

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