Purna Virji

  • How advertisers can score big on the next device launch

    On the cusp of the latest iPhone release, columnist Purna Virji from Bing offers insights to help advertisers cash in on new device launches. We’ve all seen the news headlines. They queue, they camp, they chant. And sometimes, they even stampede. Just to get their hands on a new device. And while these are the more extreme cases, it’s clear that consumers love technology, rea ...

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  • The Evolution of Voice Search (and what it means for PPC)

    February 14, 2017 This post is part of the Hero Conf Los Angeles Speaker Blog Series. Purna Virji will join 50+ PPC experts sharing their paid search and social expertise at the World’s Largest All-PPC Event, April 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA. Like what you read? Find out more about Hero Conf. Speculating about the future has always been one of my favorite things to do, espec ...

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  • How to create winning ad copy using a scientific approach

    I have a question for you: what’s the program you first turn to when creating your ad copy? If you’re like the majority of people today, your answer would be Excel. Unfortunately, that might be the wrong answer. While Excel is a fantastic program and is central to our day-to-day life in PPC, it’s not the best place to start with brainstorming ad copy.

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  • Influencing with ad copy: how to truly drive action

    Persuasion. Influence. Psychology. The conversion rate optimization (CRO) crowd is adept at tapping into these to drive the actions of their audiences. When it comes to ad copy, there may not appear to be a lot we can do to actively influence our search audience. Short of a screaming headline (not allowed), all we have is a limited set of characters.

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