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  • How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Do you use LinkedIn to find prospects for your business? Have you tried Sales Navigator? LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator helps you find and keep in touch with the right prospects at the right time. In this article you’ll discover how to get started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Discover how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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  • C9 Acquires Inboundio

    C9 is pleased to announce the acquisition of Inboundio in the recent weeks – http://www.inboundio.com. For those that don’t know of Inboundio it is an online inbound marketing tool to facilitate online marketing solutions for the small to medium enterprise. Unlike other inbound marketing solutions Inboundio is focused on ease of use and cost effectiveness to achieve excellen ...

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  • Lead Generation Software – AeroLeads

    We were working on another product AeroLeads in parallel with InBoundio and after multiple iteration and feedback, we have launched the first finished version of AeroLeads. Earlier we were focussing on lead generation but decided to focus on prospect generation which is much easier to automate. How to use AeroLeads to Generate Prospects and Leads ? 1. Install the Chrome Plugin of AeroLeads.

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  • Free Prospect and Leads Generation Tool – AeroLeads

    After 3 weeks hard work, we have finally finished AeroLeads which is a lead generation and prospect finding tool. We built it as I felt there is no such tool in the market which shows result on quality and relevancy basis. Most of them just scrape emails from all over the web and this spray and pray doesn’t work and often gives you bad name.

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  • Optimise Your LinkedIn Marketing with These 4 Methods for More Leads

    LinkedIn with its 300 million user is a huge platform that allows professionals from all over the world to connect with each other and for job opportunities. However, the LinkedIn social media platform can also be used as a marketing platform for products and services created by your company, and it can even help you generate leads more efficiently.

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  • How NOT to build your Mailing List

    Building a mailing list for your company can provide you with some stunning results, as this way you will have a better control over the way you perform your marketing, not to mention that you will bring a much more personal way to interact with customers. Creating a connection with the potential customer is essential nowadays if you want to make a sale, and mailing lists wil ...

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  • Biggest List of Marketing Agency Software

    With software like InBoundio PRO, you can launch your own marketing software company and agency where you can offer both the product and services but you may still want to use one more software to manage your marketing agency needs. Now there are plenty of marketing agency software available on the web, few of them are hybrid of project management and I have actually used man ...

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  • How to build a Company if you don’t know how to Code

    This is not a marketing related post but still I thought to publish it on inBoundio blog so it can reach more people. Not to mention, some of the most popular posts on this blog are startup related only. Also many of the marketers want to launch their own marketing products but often struggle to start.

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  • Partner with us as Reseller of inBoundio PRO

    If you are a marketer, SMB or a marketing agency and have a client base and network which can buy inBoundio PRO, this is an excellent opportunity for you to partner with us. Marketing is not easy, or at least not something which can be done fast with instant results. Every product need partners and affiliate to grow them, since we get plenty of inquiries to resell inBoundio P ...

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  • 10 Things I learn while running a bootstrapped SaaS Business

    I am running inBoundio for over a year now and it is doing pretty well with its share of ups and down. There were some hard times but overall it has grown steadily. We have also launched inBoundio PRO which is a white label marketing software for small businesses and agencies as lot of people were asking for this.

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