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  • The missing link in your content promotion strategy

    Whoever told you content marketing is about creating great content… well, they lied to you. Kind of. Content marketing is definitely all about creating content that your audience will find useful. But it also goes way beyond pressing “publish” on a regular basis. Even the great philosophers understood content marketing when they posed the question: If a tree falls in a fo ...

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  • The “meta” content formatting cheat sheet guide

    Hi Matt, does the big G have a version of the search engine that totally excludes any backlink relevance? I'm wondering what search would look like and am curious to try it out. BlueBumbleBee, Colchester, UK Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: http://groups.google.com/a/googleproductforums.com/forum/# ...

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  • Your 6-point spring cleaning content marketing checklist

    Spring is one of my favorite seasons. You see, I live in Phoenix, so spring in my mind is equal to 70-degree days, lots of sunshine and spring training. However, this year, we Arizonans are cursing the El Niño gods for deciding to skip spring altogether and gift us with record-breaking 90-degree days in February.

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  • Content Creation Swipe Files: Inspiration, Tools & Organization

    Let’s start with a story… You sit down to create a piece of content for your upcoming blog, and you draw a blank. You stare at the blinking cursor of doom, unable to fathom how you’ll come out of this creative void. You sit, minute by minute, waiting for inspiration to strike. Yet all you feel is the thumping of your heart and the slowly forming beads of sweat in your clenched fists.

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  • How To Make 2016 Your Best Content Marketing Year Ever

    Whether you’re the type of person who likes to make steadfast resolutions every January 1 or you prefer to keep your goals loose, we could all use a little motivation as we start the New Year. That’s especially true when it comes to content marketing, because — as you most likely know — it isn’t a strategy that provides overnight success.

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