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  • Best Compact Travel Camera: Small Cameras for Travel

    You’ve saved up for this trip for who knows how long. You know the perfect pictures to take. Now all that's left is to find the perfect camera. You could buy a small camera, but why not splurge a little? Even though it’s convenient, don’t trust your cell phone to be the sole camera for this event-to-remember. Cell phone cameras have tiny sensors which commonly produce grainy images.

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  • Best Portable Camera: Top Small Handheld Camera

    They say the best camera for the shot is the one you have with you. Unfortunately, your cell doesn’t always take pictures as nicely as you would like. Now that you have decided to get a portable camera, the question is which one? It’s important to have the best portable camera available for your needs. I’ve put together a few reviews for the top compact cameras.

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  • Best Instant Film Camera to Buy in 2016

    Finally decided to buy a camera? If you are looking for a small or travel camera, you may want to try instant film. Choosing to buy an instant film camera can lead to hours of fun. Instant print cameras were first created in the 1940's. Many of us remember using a Polaroid camera when we were younger.

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