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  • No Regulation Without Representation

    As states continue to grapple with the issue of sales on out of state internet purchases, a few federal congress members have entered the conversation with their own versions of bills that include regulations on who can and can’t be taxed and what constitutes a connection (nexus) between a state and a business or individual.

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  • The Latest Proposed Internet Sales Tax Bill

    This month, Congressman Goodlatte of VA has circulated a discussion draft of a new bill called the “Online Sales Simplification Act of 2016”. Articles from two major publishers have been released recently addressing the topic: You can download a PDF of the draft by clicking here. In a Nutshell If this bill were to pass, online merchants would collect sales tax from each b ...

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  • Announcing Our Executive Director

    I’m pleased to announce that after years of the organization being fueled by the volunteers on our working Board of Directors, the Performance Marketing Association has hired an Executive Director to oversee strategy and day-to-day operations. Before noting who we’ve been fortunate enough to hire, I’d like to thank the members of the Board of Directors from the last few year ...

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  • Louisiana Nexus Alert

    Louisiana Nexus Alert by Rachel Honoway - President 2016 PMA Board of Directors | Mar 19, 2016 | Affiliate Tax | 0 comments Louisiana does have an active bill – which has now passed and active as of April 1, 2016. CAREFUL reading of the bill is encourag ...

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  • Merchant Best Practice Project

    Merchant Best Practice Project by Rachel Honoway - President 2016 PMA Board of Directors | Mar 19, 2016 | About the PMA | The Coupons & Deals Council is working on a Merchant Best Practices document that will provide helpful information for advertisers new to the performance marketing industry. Affiliate marketing can be overwhelming with its abundant use of different terms and concepts.

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  • Utah Nexus Update

    As we reported last week, Utah resurrected internet sales tax legislation claiming that affiliates constitute nexus in the state and require online retailers to collect and pay state sales taxes. Not only was the House bill resurrected, but so was a similar bill in the Senate. Utah affiliates and bloggers have stood up against the bills.

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  • Utah Nexus Alert

    The Utah legislature has resurected H.B. 0235, the Remote Transactions Parity Act. Yesterday (February 22nd), the House sent the bill to the Standing Committee. A hearing will be held tomorrow (February 24th). The public is welcome to attend and speak on their own behalf, letting legislators know how this bill will affect them, their businesses and families.

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  • 2016 PMA Salary Survey is Open

    UPDATE: Feb 1, 2016 – The 2016 PMA Salary Survey is now open for response. The PMA Salary Survey gives you the opportunity to see how your company salary structure matches up across the industry among your peers and competitors. The PMA is conducting its second annual Salary Survey and any company participating will be given access to the results at the conclusion of the survey.

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  • Setting Goals for 2016

    Last week at a PMA board meeting in Las Vegas, I humbly accepted the role of President of our Board of Directors. I’m excited about the role, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t equally intimidated by it. I have some pretty big shoes to fill. So, before we look at what’s to come, I want to stop and recognize that we’re incredibly fortunate to be standing on a firm foundatio ...

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