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  • How to Decide What Types of Questions to Use in Your Surveys

    Crafting the perfect survey question isn’t just about what you ask; it’s also about how you ask the question. The types of questions you decide to use can have a major impact on the insight you’re able to gather, and could be the difference between an online survey that helps you make a more informed business decision and one that leaves you with more questions than when you started.

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  • 6 Critical Mistakes that Could Ruin Your Survey Results

    As a small business owner, there’s probably a long list of questions you’d like to have answers to. This might include: Who are our customers? What are their characteristics? What do they really want? How did they hear about our business? Why are they loyal to our business? You may have some thoughts on the answers to these questions, but really need a better way ...

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  • A Simple Approach to Conducting Customer Research

    As a small business, you know how important it is to have the right information when looking for new ways to grow and improve your business. Constant Contact recently surveyed 1,200 small business owners and asked them about how they were using data to drive business decisions. 67 percent said they believe data can help them retain existing customers, while 65 percent said dat ...

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