Rachel Serpa

  • Three’s a crowd: how first-party data builds customer relationships

    Three’s a crowd, and I’m not referring to failed 80s sitcoms. I’m talking about customer relationships. Yet according to a study by the UC Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, 85% of the top 1,000 websites have cookies set by a third party. Propelled by widespread anonymity in the early days of the Internet, third-party cookies have undoubtedly become a staple for many mar ...

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  • Privacy and personalization: a marketers’ Catch-22

    Coined in Joseph Heller’s classic satirical novel of the same name, 'Catch-22' is a term that refers to a situation in which a person is trapped by completely contradictory goals or circumstances. In Heller’s book, the only way for a pilot to escape his WWII flying mission is to request psychiatric evaluation due to mental instability, and be deemed insane.

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  • Repaving the customer journey: preparing for the future of multichannel

    Mobile, social and the Internet of Things are transforming the trajectory of the customer journey. The straight shot from discovery to checkout no longer exists. Instead, it has been replaced by a zigzagging, interwoven path of touchpoints, screens and interactions. 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal (Mobify), with consumers using an average of three diff ...

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