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  • How to Create a Visual Brand and Fight the Dark Forces

    Have you seen Star Wars? Of course you have. My colleagues at Copyblogger are a little crazy about this movie, so when they found out that I had never seen Star Wars, they all freaked out. The next day, I received a package with the complete trilogy on Blu-ray (the original one, of course) from our Chief Digital Officer, Chris Garrett. I rushed to my TV set and watched them all at once.

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  • A Simple Content Marketing Strategy for Creative Folks

    I promoted my business the wrong way for a long time. Just like many designers and artists, I focused on building my portfolio, posting my work around the web, and waiting for feedback. I quickly realized this approach wouldn’t take me very far. Why? Because that’s what everyone else does. And you’re assuming people who aren’t design experts will recognize your creative work as superior.

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