• $7,475 in 10 Minutes: 8 Must-Know Tips for Great Landing Pages

    Last week I published a landing page for my Private Coaching (now closed). Once it was live, I emailed my subscribers (I love all of you) and in around 10 minutes sold all five places for a total of $7,475. Seems like a lot of money at first, but when you factor in the hours the go into coaching five bloggers for two months it starts to seem more reasonable.

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  • How to Grow Your Business Like One of Australia’s Best Wedding Photographers

    James Field is one of the best wedding photographers in Australia as well as being brilliant at the “business” of photography (although he’d never admit it). He’s also my really good friend. I asked him to be our second Tyrades participant – where I interview successful people who are NOT in the blogging or online marketing space – and he kindly agreed.

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  • Don’t Do That! Your Must-Know Guide to Blogging Culture.

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Knowing the culture of a place is extremely important when you travel the world. Something that is normal for you at home might get you in big trouble overseas. The same is true for blogging. Unless you know a bit about blog culture you might find yourself struggling to make inroads with important things like networking, landing guest post ...

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  • The First eBook I Ever Sold (and Why I’m a College Dropout)

    Me and my buddy walking a rainy path in the highlands of Scotland. When I was 16 I sold an eBook for $65 to a lovely man from Holland. Actually, it was less e-Book and more real-book; I printed it out with a nice hardcover and literally posted it to the other side of the world. As clumsy as that transaction was (I made him send me the money via Western Union) I am only now ...

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  • BTXP Episode 001: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Affiliate Marketing

    Welcome to my new Podcast! It’s called Blog Tyrant XPeriments and it’s all about sharing quick insights into the experiments that me and my friends are carrying out in the blogging and online marketing world. This is not an interview show! I won’t be talking to any big marketing superheroes or anything like that. It’s just you, me and an experiment. Read on to find out more.

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  • My Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Dominate Your Niche

    This is a 9,000+ word guide on how to start a blog. Yep, that’s nine thousands words! Blogging still excites me so much and I absolutely love that I can roll out of bed and work from my couch or the local cafe instead of stressing out in an office. This massive article came about because I wanted to show new bloggers how I did it – all the steps to in one place that can be ...

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  • A Review of Clicky Analytics (and Why it Beats Google)

    Could there really be something better than Google Analytics? I’m starting to think so – it’s called Clicky Web Analytics. This analytics alternative has been absolutely been blowing me away over the last few weeks. It’s got a lot of features that I’ve always wondered why Google Analytics was lacking. Today I’m going to review Clicky as best as I can based on the ways I’ve been using it.

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  • The Biggest Myth in Blogging: Why Content is Not King

    We’ve heard it a thousand times: content is king. This is the mantra the the biggest marketing blogs (including this one) have been telling us for years. But it’s simply not true. Or to be more accurate, it’s not the whole story. In this post I’m going to talk about why my thoughts on this have changed, and why I think it’s time this blogging myth disappeared forever – it ...

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  • How to Launch a Blog and Get 17,800 Email Subscribers in 6 Weeks

    Every blogger should learn how to launch a blog. Even if you’ve already got one up and running, the skills you learn at a launch can give you massive advantages when promoting new posts and launching new products, blogs etc. Since I started blogging back in uni I’ve launched more blogs than I care remember. Most of them we’re massive failures.

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  • 6 Things That Are Working Extremely Well for Blogs Right Now

    The net changes bloody quickly. Trends come and go and the thing that was working really well yesterday might not be so hot today (except for kittens, they’re always big). Part of being successful online is being able to “predict” that. In this post I want to talk about a few things that are working extremely well for blogs right now. Hopefully some of them apply to you. Let’s do it.

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  • Goodbye Old Friend: Why I (Finally) Designed a Responsive Blog

    Notice anything new? After 154 posts I’ve finally said goodbye to the original Blog Tyrant design to make way for the new and (hopefully!) improved responsive design. Long time readers of this site will notice some familiar elements, but also a lot of changes. And I know that can be annoying (for me it’s bloody terrifying!).

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  • How Some Cat Pictures Increased My Email Subscriber Confirmations

    They say the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. I wonder what future humans will say about us when they examine our Internet servers! We all know cats are popular. But, as I found out the other day, they can even help you get more email subscribers, brand loyalty and trust. Yes, I’m being serious.

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  • Why I Regularly Drive 70km for My Blog (at 1:30 in the Morning)

    Not too long ago one of my best mates made $1.6m in affiliate sales… from a laptop in his kitchen. It was a huge achievement given that he also has six children and works only at night in order to maximise his time with the little fellas. It’s also a huge achievement because he nearly went bankrupt a few years before. You see, this friend has a remarkable ability to make money online.

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  • How Does Your Blog Look to Someone on Google? 6 Things You Need to Know.

    We’ve all spent time thinking about our blog’s SEO. And we’ve all spent time thinking about on-site conversions and how well our blog performs once visitors arrive on our pages. But how much time have you spent thinking about how Google actually displays your blog in their search results? It’s actually a really important thing to consider – and it will affect your conversio ...

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  • Don’t Make Money with Your Blog Today

    Most of us are trying to make money with our blog. But perhaps the biggest mistake you can make is to try and make money with it today. That might sounds like a crazy statement to many internet entreprenuers out there – surely we want to maximise our profits from the beginning? Well, lately I’ve been having some other ideas based on some stuff that has been working for me a ...

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  • I Hate My Blog. I Bet You Hate Yours Too.

    Some days I hate my blog. In fact, for most of last week I could hardly stand to look at. I’d crawl out of bed at a shameful hour, drag my feet to the office (couch) and power up the laptop like it was the most horrendous task in the world. Maybe it was because I’d spent the Easter break with my brother in the country hitting golf balls and witnessing actual real life hover ...

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