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  • BTXP 009: 15 Tips to Help Keep Your Blog Secure from Threats

    Getting hacked is one of the worst things that can happen to a blog or website owner. It can destroy weeks or months of work, cause large amounts of personal stress and even affect your revenue streams. Sadly, getting hacked is one of the realities of online business. In today’s episode I am going to go over 15 tips that will hopefully help you become more prepared.

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  • BTXP 002: 5 Big Experiments for a Successful Sidebar

    Does your sidebar actually help your blog? Does it lead to more sign ups, page views and sales? Not always. In fact, some of the sidebars I look at are actually doing a lot of harm because they aren’t using a deliberate strategy, the right plugins and are making some very basic design mistakes. What a waste of some very valuable real estate. Click here to listen and subscribe on iTunes.

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