Randi Lucius

  • Count Up Your Conversions with AdWords Countdown Scripts

    3…2…1... Who doesn’t love a countdown? Countdowns can be used at any time, whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a rocket launch, or you just want to get people excited for something that’s about to happen (unless it’s a choreographed dance you came up with at a family party). You can also tactically set up a countdown whenever you announce a release date for a product/service or an upcoming sale.

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  • 3 Things My Cats Taught Me About PPC

    Everyone has problems separating work and home. For me, sometimes it’s more about separating work and my cats. I must admit, I might be a bit of a cat lady (understatement of the year), so sometimes my mind wanders to my cats at work and to work when I’m at home with the cats. This combination of PPC and cats inevitably led me to find work advice from the unlikeliest of places: ...

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