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  • Dynamic Search Ads: What they are & how to use them

    AdWords dynamic search ads (DSAs) have been around for a while now, but I still get the impression that they are a PPC resource that is underused by a lot of PPC managers. The beauty of this campaign type is that, correctly used, it can serve a range of purposes in a PPC account. But let’s start from the beginning.

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  • Attacat’s PPC Glossary 2.0

    It’s time to present the much awaited PPC glossary 2.0 to the world. Since we published the first glossary (over two years ago now) much has happened in the Pay-per-click world and we feel that it’s about time to provide you with an updated version. Our latest PPC glossary should enable you to communicate with any PPC professional and avoid sounding like a noob.

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  • AdWords pushing further into mobile territory

    You can’t escape from mobile these days, and Google is well aware of this – so aware that they’re continuously introducing paid search features specifically aimed at mobile traffic. As we keep hearing that mobile traffic is surpassing desktop on more and more platforms, AdWords has introduced a new campaign type aimed specifically towards driving app downloads.

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  • The shape of Bing to come – updates and predictions

    Everyone working with online marketing is aware of the presence of Bing Ads, and as a responsible PPC professional you have probably recommended a client at some point to import existing AdWords campaigns to Bing to possibly try to achieve cheaper cost per clicks and CPAs. Poor Bing, constantly being looked upon as the “little brother” of PPC, where successful AdWords campaigns ...

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