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  • Is your demand-side platform real or fake?

    I previously covered why marketers should demand transparency from their partners. Transparency is an unstoppable force because it roots out inefficiency. And companies that operate in ways that lack transparency, whether in their business model or product, are on the wrong side of history. Take, for example, demand-side platform (DSP) companies.

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  • Ad fraud detection: A guide for marketers

    Ad fraud seems to consistently produce news headlines in the advertising world. Half the time it’s people claiming that the sky is falling, while the other half claim, in essence, “no big deal.” There are obvious biases to take into account, but the net result is a ton of noise. This is unfortunate, because it’s a topic that begs for education, especially for marketers new t ...

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  • Header bidding: What marketers need to know

    In previous articles, we navigated the digital display advertising “stack,” starting with direct orders, programmatic direct, private marketplaces and the open RTB (real-time bidding) auction. Since writing that series, a new ad technology known as “header bidding” has grown in adoption by publishers.

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  • Why every digital advertiser should demand transparency

    The world of digital advertising has a history of opaqueness, stemming from the early days of ad networks. Ad networks acted as brokers between advertisers and publishers. Being in such a position allowed them to be as transparent or “non-transparent” as they wished. This resulted in extremely high margins (50 percent to 60 percent or higher) and limited reporting available ...

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  • Can you trust your media buying agency?

    Trust is the foundation of all relationships, particularly those in business. If you didn’t trust your agency or technology partners, you wouldn’t be using them — especially as it relates to your advertising investments. But the old adage, “Trust, but verify,” holds true today, more than ever. Earlier this month, a damning report — produced by K2 Intelligence on behalf of th ...

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  • How to protect yourself against ad fraud

    We have come a long way in our examination of online ad fraud. So far, we have learned: what ad fraud looks like, why it exists and who should be responsible for stopping it. Today, we are going to learn about the practical matter of protecting yourself, as a marketer, against ad fraud. In a perfect world, fraudulent inventory would never make its way into the marketplace.

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  • Who Should Be Responsible For Stopping Programmatic Ad Fraud?

    In the first two installments of this ad fraud series, we examined what ad fraud looks like and discussed the reasons why ad fraud exists. In this third installment, we look at the various participants in the supply chain, and determine who should be responsible for stopping ad fraud. The programmatic ad ecosystem is very compartmentalized in nature.

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  • Why Programmatic Advertising Fraud Exists

    In my last column, we covered what fraud is, the magnitude of the problem, and the many ways in which it takes shape. We are now going to discuss one of the biggest questions that arise around the topic of ad fraud: Why does it exist in the first place? As with most big problems, a combination of factors contributes to an environment that makes the problem possible and persistent.

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  • The Many Faces Of Programmatic Ad Fraud

    The topic of advertising fraud in the programmatic sector is a jugular issue concerning marketers today. The openness that allows advertisers and publishers of any size to participate in the programmatic ecosystem also lets bad actors participate and pollute the quality of the sector. Fraud is the first thing that a marketer must address when looking at the overall quality o ...

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  • Navigating The Modern Ad Serving Stack, Part 4: Open Auction (RTB)

    We have finally arrived at the last installment of our four-part series on navigating the modern ad tech stack. We previously covered direct orders, programmatic direct, and private marketplaces. If you recall, we learned that private marketplaces enable publishers and advertisers to create pockets of “privileged” inventory that get transacted before ever entering the public marketplace.

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  • Navigating The Modern Ad Serving Stack, Part 1: Direct Orders

    It is universally acknowledged that the ad tech industry is complex. Some would say overly complex. As a result, you will often hear people in the advertising world throw around terminology in embarrassingly incorrect ways. I don’t want you to be one of those people, so I’m writing this series to shine some light on the fundamentals of modern ad serving.

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  • Why Every Marketer Should Leverage Retargeting

    Website visitors abandon the sales funnel for many reasons: comparison shopping, credit card not handy, “just browsing” and so on. Retargeting allows you to show ads directly to visitors after they’ve left a site or landing page, providing multiple shots at the conversion. That is why retargeting has become an essential tactic in the digital marketer’s arsenal.

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  • How Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising Changes Everything

    One of 2014's biggest trends is the rise of hyperlocal advertising. Hyperlocal, as it's called in ad tech circles, allows marketers to use a smartphone's GPS data to geographically target audiences for the purpose of delivering relevant ads. When you combine this with the ability to purchase ad impressions individually, through programmatic ad platforms that are powered by r ...

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