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  • What We Learned From Crawling 261,117 inbound.org Pages

    You’re probably familiar with inbound.org, the online community that helps marketers stay connected. Putting it simply, inbound.org is an online hub where good marketers come to get better, the platform itself states. It’s a great place for sharing ideas, connecting, interacting or even finding a job.

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  • 18 Outreach Examples That Will Massively Boost Your Sharing

    Outreach is exceptional. It gives you a great head start when you most need one – it teaches you what people in your niche best respond to and it makes you more popular. There are endless benefits to it. And while these are widely discussed, we’re going to go through some poignant examples of outreach (with their dos and don’ts) and their results.

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  • Google Penguin 4.0 Was Released! Massive Google Fluctuations

    Google Penguin 4.0 ( the real-time update) has started! During the last few days a very high SERP volatility was reported by most of the SERP monitoring tools. Lots of tools reported high volatility starting from the 6th of January. The highest spike was reported by Algoroo on the 10th of Jan. People also talk a lot on the SEO related forums about the volatility they see.

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  • TwitCount – The Twitter Share Counts Alternative

    As you may have already found out or experienced on your site, Twitter share counts are no longer updating on the share buttons starting with the 20th of November this year. This means that all share buttons out there that relied on the Twitter share count endpoint are no longer providing share counts. This includes Twitter’s own official tweet button.

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  • 4 Overlooked Ways to Get More Traffic Using Web Mentions

    Today we have our very first guest post (champagne to celebrate, anyone?) and it’s coming from someone pretty awesome. Razvan Gavrilas is both founder and chief architect of cognitiveSEO, and he’s been in this game long enough to know what he’s talking about. Without further ado, here’s what he has to say: Information technology has […] Author information Razvan Gavrilas ...

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  • 10 Costly Pitfalls That Kill Your Page Performance

    There’s no doubt about it, page performance pays. In fact, the results you get from a high-converting website are so critical that organizations, big and small, are willing to hire outside help to ensure that their websites exceed user standards. Unfortunately, all of those big bucks won’t promise you a page that performs if you don’t address the 10 most costly pitfalls tha ...

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