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  • Why Online Reviews are an Essential Part of Online Marketing

    Gone are the days of word of mouth and traditional advertising. There has been a massive shift in consumer behavior and where buying decisions are made. With the rise of the internet age has come a time where consumers can communicate feelings on products and services on forums, social media, and a plethora of review sites.

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  • Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancers

    We all know that Google loves organic content, especially content that generates engagement and sparks site traffic! However, depending on the company you’re running and if you have the resources to compose blog content, it can be a time consuming task. So this begs the question, should you h ...

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  • When and Why to be Socially Active

    Timing is everything and that especially goes for various marketing efforts. Marketing is about striking while the iron is hot and taking advantage of golden opportunities. I ...

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  • Does Social Media Help SEO?

    Social media marketing is great for branding and interacting with current and potential customers. But one of the biggest mysteries surrounding social media is whether or not it has an impact on SEO. If you’re actively tweeting, posting to Facebook and Google+, will you see a boost in your search engine rankings? Google has stated in the past that social signals (tweets, +1’s, likes, etc.

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  • 5 Ways to Make Your SEO Efforts More Effective

    Anyone who is familiar with the online marketing world is well aware of the bases that need SEO coverage. There are several things that already require quite a bit of attention when you’re managing online reputations such as: keeping up with rankings, tracking traffic, and breaking down Google Analytics.

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  • Why A High Bounce Rate Isn’t Always Bad

    As a small business owner, navigating through Google Analytics can be pretty overwhelming. There’s so many different metrics on the screen that it’s hard to distinguish between what’s actually important and crucial to your business, and the info that’s not a huge concern. One metric in particular that gets a lot of attention is bounce rate.

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  • 4 Quick Ways To Be More Active on Social Media

    Social media is one of those things that small businesses know they probably should be doing, but they end up putting it on the backburner for a while. Sometimes you’re just not sure where to start. Do you need Facebook and Twitter? Other times it’s a problem of not knowing who should handle the social media marketing part of the business.

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  • The Importance of Using Keywords Within Your Content

    If you ask any SEO expert, they will tell you how keywords are the holy grail towards achieving website recognition. Keywords, keywords, keywords! We can’t emphasize their importance enough, couldn’t you tell? Nowadays, you have to be pretty SEO savvy in order to beat your competition to the punch and if you want to do that, it entails doing your own keyword research.

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  • Mobile SEO Affects Your Google Ranking

    Now that the newest and latest Google algorithm has hit, you are well aware of how important mobile compatibility is towards your SEO ranking. If you did indeed hear about Google’s announcement in June of 2013, you anticipated mobile ranking to affect your business’ SEO. So if you haven’t jumped ship with your non mobile friendly site, now is the time to do it, that is if you c ...

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  • Why Your Site Isn’t Ranking Highly on Google

    You’ve started up a new website for your company. You bought the domain, had the site designed, and added content. A month goes by and you notice that your site is nowhere to be found for searches related to your business. Another month goes by and the same exact thing. So you scratch your head asking yourself what’s going on.

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  • 5 SEO Myths Revealed

    In the world of SEO, there’s a lot of false information floating around online. As a business owner, it’s probably a little confusing to separate the legit advice from the myths. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the most common myths about SEO that could lead you down the wrong path.

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  • What to Consider Before Your Company Social Streams

    Social streaming is the hot, new marketing implementation and is usually the kickstarter when it comes to generating buzz. However, with rampant technological and digital advancement, what does a marketing team have to consider as far as its resources? Will the return investment be worth trying a brand new development in product? This is when educating yourself as well as your ...

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  • Creating Engaging Blogs

    For all the DIY blog writers, you want your content to be as alluring as possible, as well as achieve the imminent goal of a successful Call-To-Action. No matter how different the methods may be, companies want to bridge that gap between being considered just a business and becoming more personable towards its customers.

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