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  • The Rumors Are True; Social Media and SEO Are Now An Item.

    While everyone can agree that social media is important when it comes to your hotel’s marketing strategy, not everyone knows it’s also important for improving your hotel’s search engine optimization. Social media and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly. While one is good by itself, together they create the right balance of salty and sweet that your hotel’s taste buds are craving.

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  • 2016’s Top Trending SEO Strategies for Hotels

    Hoteliers listen up! 2016 has come to the halfway mark and there are a few SEO trends you need to be paying attention too. SEO strategies for hotels are always changing and new techniques are regularly emerging. Instead of making you search the vastness of space also known as the internet for the information you need, we’ve gone ahead and made your job easier by compiling this ...

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  • 3 Tips For Creating Your Best Hotel Mobile Website

    Everywhere you go, you see people on their phones. Almost everything nowadays is done on mobile devices, and you want to make sure booking a room at your hotel is at the top of that list. Here are 3 tips to optimize your hotel mobile website. Tip 1: People typically use their smartphones when they’re on the go. This means your hotel mobile website should be very easy to navigate.

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  • A Guide to Writing Your Hotel’s Instagram Caption.

    Ok, so you’ve come up with an interesting photo for your Hotel’s Instagram, used a photo editing app to show off your creativity and got a professional camera to enhance the quality of your photo. Yes! Finally done and ready to post. But wait! Don’t hit that button! There’s more to think about before posting, such as the caption.

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  • Host the Best Giveaway for Your Hotel’s Instagram

    After analyzing your hotel’s instagram, you decide it needs more engagement. You’ve done some of research and see it would be good to host a giveaway. Problem is you’re not sure where to start. As a hotel, what kind of giveaway should you do? What will benefit your account best? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different possibilities.

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  • Get More Out Of Each Picture: How hotels on Instagram can improve their photos

    It’s a beautiful morning, birds are singing, the sun’s shining bright, you grab a cup of coffee, and then settle in to check your hotel’s Instagram account. Time to see how many likes your newest photo has gotten and engage with your new adoring fans. Yet when you login, you see the picture only got 10 likes and no comments! Why, you ask yourself, is no one engaging with my hot ...

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