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  • Mobile is making the right rail an endangered species

    The Web’s right rail has turned into its third rail. Google last month said that it was switching up how it displays ads on its desktop search result pages. Rather than show a string of ads in the right-hand sidebar, Google moved them to the top of the search results, where it said the ads would get ”better performance for advertisers.

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  • How WNYC is tackling podcasting’s big challenges

    Few legacy media sectors have made the digital jump better than public radio. The top podcast charts in iTunes are regularly dominated not by digital natives but by productions from New York City’s WNYC, Chicago’s WBEZ and NPR. Podcasting did not kill the radio star. “Radio has survived challenge after challenge,” said Dan Capello, WNYC’s chief content officer.

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  • The Washington Post is embracing vertical video

    The future of video at the Washington Post is short, mobile and increasingly vertical. On Monday, the Post published a minute-long vertical video about the importance of Super Tuesday, which was told with animated graphics and meant to be watched with the sound off. The video, produced by politics video editor Sarah Parnass, is the latest in a series of “Know Its,” the Post’s ...

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  • Authenticity and immediacy: Why USA Today’s FTW uses Facebook live video

    With Facebook live video, even Web-only sports sites are getting a taste for broadcast. During the NBA All-Star Weekend earlier this month, USA Today viral sports site FTW used Facebook live video to give readers a court-side view of the two weekend’s games and NBA stars. It talked to Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LeVine about winning the slam-dunk contest, interviewed Dik ...

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  • ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight: We won’t go the way of Grantland

    When ESPN turned out the lights on Grantland last fall, one of the big questions was how long it would be until FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver’s data journalism outfit, followed Grantland out the door. After all, the metrics-focused site was just as much of an odd fit within the sports media empire. But, two years after its launch, FiveThirtyEight is growing both its traffic and ...

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  • Can MTV News spur an MTV comeback?

    “I want my MTV” may have been true back in the 1980s, but youth today have shown they want nothing to do with the network or its parent company Viacom. And the media giant wants to turn that around. MTV got an average of 439,000 primetime viewers between 18 and 49 in the third quarter of last year, according to Nielsen. At 100,00 primetime viewers, its teen audience was even lower.

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  • Four lesser-known subreddits every marketer should read

    Publishers and marketers take note: Reddit is more than a place to mine for free content. Reddit calls itself the “front page of the Internet”: anything that strikes a nerve there will inevitably appear on BuzzFeed, Tumblr and countless other sites. That alone makes it worth paying attention to, said Rohit Thawani, director of digital strategy and social Media at TBWA\Chiat\Da ...

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  • The rise of the publisher video polymath

    No one wears one hat in digital media, particularly in the fast-changing (and growing) field of video. Gone are the days when video production meant either recording or editing. Instead, producing video has expanded into the realms of reporting, producing and crafting distribution strategies specific to each big platform. It’s the one-man band model, but for video.

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  • WTF is link rot?

    This is the latest in a series of articles that explain, in plain English, new technology tools and platforms that are changing the face of digital media. See other entries here. “Error 404” pages have become a common part of the Web experience. But while most people have shrugged off broken links as a necessary nuisance, some see them as a problem that threatens the ability f ...

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  • The New York Times’ video player is going Flash-free

    The growing list of companies moving away from Flash has another item: The New York Times. The newspaper announce today that it’s killed Flash support for its in-house video player, VHS. Instead, it’s switching exclusively to HTML5 video. “As we saw the industry move toward HTML5 video, we knew we wanted to get ahead of it.

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  • Confessions of an ad ops vet: ‘A lot of people think we’re grumpy’

    Digital advertising had a bad 2015, due to questions about fraud, ad blocking and the online travails of ad tech companies. But in our latest Digiday Confession, in which we grant anonymity in exchange for honesty, we talk to an ad ops vet who said that advertising’s existential threats are a good thing for the industry — and that this is actually a good time to be in ad ops.

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  • Despite risks, publishers take commerce operations in-house

    When it comes to e-commerce, some publishers aren’t shying away from doing some of the dirty work themselves. Women’s lifestyle site PopSugar made the jump into commerce in 2012 with Must Have, a $40-a-month-subscription box that today accounts for 20 percent of its revenue. The twist: Rather than outsource the entirety of the operation to third-party vendors, PopSugar handles ...

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  • Publishers’ on-again, off-again relationship with apps is back on

    There’s been a good case for most publishers to ignore apps. After all, people only use a few. But there is evidence that publisher interest in apps is on the rebound. Quartz plans to release its first app later this year after four years of focusing on the Web. The Wall Street Journal launched two in the second half of 2015 and plans to launch three more this year.

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