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  • 4 Essential Steps to Preparing Employees for Content Creation

    Whether you’re running a Fortune 1000 company or a local LLC, the ideal scenario for content creation (ie great content marketing) is to get full buy-in and support from your employees. Here at The Sales Lion, we call the in-house creation of content “insourcing” and we favor it for two main reasons: The depth of experience answering customer and prospect questions is deepest internally.

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  • The 12 Best HubSpot Partners of 2014: A Massive Review

    The 2014 “Top HubSpot Partners” awards logo ***Note from Marcus: Many of you already know my feelings on HubSpot. In 2009, when my swimming pool company was on the brink, it was their website, teachings, and tool-set that significantly motivated me to embrace the internet and a very different way of doing business– something that would ultimately have a dramatic impact not j ...

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