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  • Introducing: Contently’s New Media Library for Enterprise-Wide Content

    Disorganization is the enemy of productivity. In content marketing, it can rear its ugly head in the planning process, throughout the course of production, and when managing content assets across multiple departments. When brands don’t know where or how to access valuable company assets, the result is inconsistent messaging and a waste of time and resources.

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  • Introducing Document Analytics

    Last month, in an announcement about Contently’s acquisition of Minneapolis-based tech firm Docalytics, Contently CTO Dave Goldberg asked the billion-dollar question: “Brands spend a remarkable amount of money each year creating dark assets like white papers, slideshows, pricing worksheets, and sales collateral.

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  • Ideas Inside: Introducing Contently’s New Pitch Request Functionality

    The great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once said,“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” Lasting stories begin with meaningful ideas, whether we’re writing the next great novel or launching a brand publication that will shake up an industry. Contently’s new pitch request functionality taps into the ideas of our powerful freelancer community, helping yo ...

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  • New From Contently: Content Marketing Benchmarks

    New From Contently: Content Marketing Benchmarks With a seemingly ever-growing marketing technology stack to keep tabs on, and a resulting sea of data in which marketers are required to swim, it can be really difficult to figure out which metrics are most important and which insights must be acted on most urgently.

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  • Update: A Simpler, Unified Workflow

    Next to the constant need for great content, one of the biggest challenges Contently’s customers face is the need to efficiently expedite production so that content actually gets created, shared, and experienced. That can be especially hard in organizations with time-consuming compliance and legal approval processes Success requires being able to tightly manage the communicati ...

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  • New From Contently: Workflow Flexibility

    It’s a sobering fact, but as SiriusDecisions pointed out last year, between 60 and 70 percent of content created by brands never even gets published. Why? Because enterprise companies invariably have complex internal processes for approval, editing, and governance. Shepherding a piece of content through editing, collaboration, approvals, and compliance can seem like trying to ...

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  • New from Contently: Contributor Analytics

    There are few things more critical to an effective content marketing program than having talented contributors—and in order to maximize your effectiveness, you need a clear understanding of how those contributors are performing. Without an accurate, holistic view of their performance, it’s difficult to connect the right contributors with the right types of projects, and hard to ...

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  • Product Update: Introducing Contently’s Hyper-Targeted B2B Distribution Service

    Earlier this summer, we announced the launch of Contently Distribution, a new managed content distribution and amplification service that offers marketers a smarter way to cost-effectively build high-value audiences. While that offering has been very popular with our B2C clients, we’ve recognized that paid content distribution efforts for B2B have unique needs—the audiences a ...

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  • Upgrade: Improved Email Notification Control

    When you’re managing a full editorial calendar, there can be a lot of details to track. Email notifications help you stay in the loop, but they work best when you receive only the messages you need, exactly when you need them. That’s why we’ve recently upgraded our email notification controls. You can now better control which events you are notified about, so you don’t miss a ...

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  • Amplify Your Content With Contently Distribution

    George Carlin once asked: “If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?” Excellent question, George, and RIP. Great content deserves to reach even greater audiences, but, unfortunately, many content marketers are unsure of how to reach their best audiences effectively and prove real ROI. That’s all about to change.

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  • Contently Is Getting Smarter

    Some days you feel luckier than others, and today is one of those days. Working at Contently, things move so fast that sometimes it feels like you’re on a bit of a white-knuckled thrill-ride… on your average Tuesday. But today? Today is another level of exciting. We have not one, but two major announcements from our inaugural West Coast Contently Summit: the launch of Content ...

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