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  • Free Tools to Create Image based Content for your #ContentMarketing and #Blogging Strategy

    Introduction From time to time, you need to create clever images for your content marketing, and for your blog posts. As a freelance consultant and someone who runs a number of niche blogs, I find that I often need to use tools to help create and enhance images. In the same vein as my mammoth guide to content ideas, I will be adding lists from my bookmarks and notes on tools and ...

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  • 3 Things I Learnt From Spamming Matt Cutts’ Blog

    I absolutely love running random experiments in SEO. More so I like to keep an eye on others experiments and see how they worn and try and replicate them. In my books, it’s all part of being a competitive SEO. Keeping this in mind – imagine my pleasure at seeing a particularly interesting SERP by SEOmofo: The Worlds Greatest SEO? Here is the actual text: SEOmofo is the World’ ...

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  • Content Ideas

    Content Ideas – That Help Users, Get Traffic, Shares and Links. I often get asked to attend internal brand and marketing meetings for clients I work with regularly. At the same time, I also get asked to come in for one off consulting sessions for businesses that may want to shake things up. Once such one of meeting went off in a direction I didn’t expect – it almost turned in ...

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  • Google Synonym Interpretation gone wrong.

    Whats the Issue? Earlier today, I cam across an interesting Tweet: Baffled. Any ideas?? RT @WEBOSIS: Came across a seemingly non-sensical Google search result. Can anyone explain? Query: popkick vs enlight — CK Chung (@cKdisco) April 6, 2015 For those wondering or too lazy – these are the results for the query: Isn’t that interesting? Why is google showing those results? Act ...

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  • Dear Inbound – WTF is wrong with you?

    Lets start with two things – I don’t hate Inbound.org. I rather like reading it often, keeping an eye on popular and new posts, and often reading conversations in the various communities. For those of you who dont know – Inbound.org is a content sharing and internet marketer community. Secondly, this isn’t my first complaint about their login – the last time they resolved th ...

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  • Secure Streak – A Chrome Extension To Encrypt Your Gmail Emails

    We must say that in this day and age and with the PRISM affair we really can’t be sure who’s eyes are on our communications. So, encryption is a great tool to keep those prying eyes out of your mail; and now it’s supported on Gmail… Secure Streak is a free Chrome extension that allows you to encrypt your emails with a password before sending them.

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  • Deconstructing eBay.com’s Organic Loss Using SEMrush

    Dr Pete over at Moz just covered some interesting ground over Ebay.coms ranking losses on a post titled Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0 & eBay’s Very Bad Day. Set up a FREE SEMrush account to test their tool Click Here! Now unless you have access to the keywords that Moz tracks, or your own inventory of regularly tracked keywords, you have to take Dr Pete’s word for it when ...

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  • SEMRush

    About this Guide I started writing this initially as a note to myself, but also for other SEOs that constantly ask for tools that SEMrush delivers fairly easily. With the growth of “Not Provided” and google locking down the public keyword tool, SEMrush becomes a bigger part of any SEO toolset. However to limit it to simply keword research isn’t fair, which is why I decided to ...

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