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  • How I Plan For the Week Ahead Of Me – Tips & Tricks

    If you’re like me, running 5 businesses, then it’s important you know how to organize your work, making sure you know EXACTLY what you have to going forward. It’s important you stay active and the time you’re NOT focusing on your work, you will be losing potential business. On Sundays, I sit down and create a schedule for myself from Monday – Saturday, making sure I know what I ...

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  • 6 Things Your Should Be Doing Every Day

    I’m very huge on being productive and finding creative ways to stay ahead of the trends. I believe if you feel good mentally, then you’ll be able to produce your best work. Over the years, I’ve changed several things in my life so I’m better equipped to get the work done right. Every morning when I wake up, I know the series of things I need to do to make sure I can get my work ...

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  • How To Find High Performance LSI Keywords

    Google has made two important keyword shifts over the last 1-2 years and they are long-tail and LSI keywords. I’ve been writing about long-tail keywords and how to effectively use them in your content, but LSI can be just as engaging. LSI stands for “latent semantic indexing” and the accurate definition is: “Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a system used by Google and other m ...

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  • Cool Ways to Integrate Social Media on your Website

    Social media has always been a great way to build engagement, quickly attracting relevant people to your blog. However, to truly succeed online, you have to know the different ways you can install or integrate social media into your blogging strategy. To do this at one point would be impossible, requiring enormous code, but with companies coming out with simple tools to streaml ...

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  • PRBuzz.com: An Important Do-Follow Link Opportunity

    I’m always searching for new and creative link building opportunities. My objective has always been to follow Google link building guidelines so it’s important I find ways to utilize high authority websites. For example, recently, I came across the power of press releases and how they can provide value to a page with the right anchor text.

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  • How To Create a High Converting Resource Page

    The importance of resource pages cannot be underestimated. They provide value and, if done right, will rank high within the SERP’s. Because Google is looking for content of value when ranking websites, it’s no wonder resource pages are very popular for bloggers. Many people think resource pages are simple to create, thinking you need to compile a list of high value relevant sou ...

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  • Are You Not Happy with Your Blog and Performance? Try This…

    When starting to blog, you’ll have an objective in mind and will work hard at making sure it’s done. However, there will come times you’re not going to be happy with your blog’s performance and the direction in which your content marketing strategy is heading. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your blogging, but you simply have to make some adjustments going forward.

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  • Cool Landing Page Tricks I Use to Convert Visitors

    Welcome to another post discussing some cool landing page conversion tips and tricks I’ve learned over several months. I’m in constant testing mode, so I am always learning cool things along the way. I like to keep discussing what I feel is important for landing page optimization. It’s no secret that getting visitors to opt into your business is very important if you want your blog to grow.

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  • Finding Expired Domains without Way Back Machine

    In recent posts, I’ve talked about how PBN (private blog networks) is a very effective way to build link juice, boosting your rankings. In my 25 Best Traffic and Link Building Series, I went over several ways to find the right domains using ExpiredDomains.net and implementing a strategy using web.archive.org. For those of you NOT familiar with web.archive.

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  • Alternatives to Bad Link Building Strategies

    Over the years, many people are writing about link building strategies both good and bad. It’s no secret the Internet can make you a lot of money and those on the first page of Google generate enormous money through ads and selling products. However, this has led to many people taking part in manipulative link building strategies against Google’s guidelines.

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  • 5 Awesome Tools to Use When Auditing Your Website

    Over the past few months, I’ve talked extensively about the importance of auditing your website. With all the recent Google updates, having a solid auditing plan is very important to keep your website from being banned. For example, running a quick audit will tell you what dead pages you have and if there is duplicate content floating around without your knowledge.

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  • Secrets of Highly Successful and Happy Leaders

    Running a business takes a lot more than just brains because it’s a complete lifestyle. After reading on some of the most successful people, they have tweaked their lifestyle to enhance productivity. A few months back, I read a book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich, based on how success comes from your mind frame.

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  • Great Content Marketing Ideas to Jump Start a New Blog

    Every few weeks, I like to jump online and find trending content ideas for my readers. I know with competition being so high, it’s important I stay ahead of the trend to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. If I stop producing the type of content my readers are looking for, I’ll have a hard time increasing my brand and building customer loyalty.

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