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  • Cool Ways Infographics Enhances Digital Marketing

    I encourage everyone to start utilizing infographics in their content marketing because it can definitely help increase user engagement. Statistics shows infographic usage has increased 800% in 2 years which is a staggering number. This data also means that bloggers and developers must be having great success using them within their content and/or in social media platforms.

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  • Are You Making These Blunders When Optimizing Your Website?

    Many bloggers think in order to rank high within the SERP’s you have to build authority external links relevant to your website. Bloggers are so caught up in this notion they forget how On-Page SEO and other factors play a huge role in their success. If you do a quick search in Google for “boost rank to page 1 in Google” you’ll notice the top “3” results all talk about keyword ...

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  • How You Can Boost Your WordPress Skills Effectively

    No one can disagree the web is changing quickly and we need to keep ourselves up to date with the trends. Bloggers need to know how to utilize the new tools, content marketing strategies, social platforms, etc so they can stay ahead of the competition. New tools are introduced everyday and knowing how to use them will make your life much easier.

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  • 5 Steps to Take Right Now Before Blogging

    I’ve been blogging for over 7 years and keep getting this question: What are the first steps I should be taking before starting a blog? I’m surprised I get this question so often because I’ve answered it several times throughout my content and guest blogs. However, I can understand why people keep asking me, because, each year, the mechanics behind a successful blog keep changing.

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  • SEO Strategies You Can Learn from Your Competition

    With so much competition online, you really have to be good at what you do. However, competition can be a great thing because you can learn a lot by simply following what others have done before you. Keep in mind, some of your competitors have been in business longer than you so they can provide valuable insight into what’s working and what’s not.

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  • SEO Reports You Have to Analyze to be an Authority

    Many bloggers are unaware of how analyzing basic reports can give you a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not. Next, analyzing some reports are essential in making sure you are following Google’s guidelines, making sure you rank higher within the SERP’s. For example, natural link building patterns, site speed, knowledge on algorithm updates, pages indexed, etc.

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  • Long Tail Keyword Tools for Effective Research

    The user search pattern is changing rapidly and it’s important you stay ahead of the trend. Google has made it no secret they are tweaking their search algorithm to meet the demands of users. For example, you’ve probably noticed the following changes so far… The search pattern is becoming more long tail, meaning searches consisting of more than 2+ phrases.

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  • Factors in Why Your Website Page Rank Isn’t Changing

    The concept of page rank has often been under much debate since Google announced the PR toolbar will become obsolete. This means you won’t be able to find out your page rank by simply utilizing the toolbar and the number will play a backend importance only. Many people think this means that “page rank” will NO longer be relevant in rankings but they couldn’t be more incorrect.

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  • Destroy Your Internet Marketing Business with These 4 Things

    Many people often talk about the strategies to implement into your content marketing but they fail to outline the elements you should be avoiding. I like to focus on both because from my experience, some people have an easier time following the DONT’s instead of the DO’s. Anyway, Google is changing things around quickly so it’s important we know what to focus on in 2015+.

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  • How To Deal with Unnatural Link Warnings

    Google has been making a lot of changes to their algorithm and web developers have been getting notified with manual penalties. It’s important to mention that Panda and Penguin were introduced to clean up the web, improving the overall user experience. For example, Google targeted aggregated websites with thin content and those with unnatural link building patterns.

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  • Win More Customers with These Marketing Tips

    Blogging is all about creating the best content and finding engaging channels to market. Essentially, if you can get your content in front of people quickly, it’ll increase the chances of winning customers over. However, there are some fundamentals you should follow, like creating problem solving content that is well researched, in-depth, and easy to share.

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  • Strategies to Write Content That Promotes Itself

    One of the hardest tasks facing people in the blogging world is promoting their content. With so much competition, it’s no wonder attracting an audience is so difficult. Over the years, I’ve been doing a lot of research on marketing strategies, trying to narrow down the different channels we have available. I’ve explored banner advertising, organic search, social media, guest blogging, etc.

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