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  • Are You Running Out of Blogging Ideas? Try This…

    Constantly writing content for your blog can be overwhelming so it’s important you have creative ways to come up with some cool blogging ideas. What you don’t know is bloggers have used sophisticated strategies to come up with blogging content ideas that would last than several months. For example, they know what resonates with their readers and will focus on creating this type of content.

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  • Google Places Ranking Factors

    Local businesses have to understand the power of Google Places. There is a reason why Google created a local web directory and it’s to optimize the presence of regional businesses looking to build a greater online presence. For example, over the last 5 years Google has seen a major shift in the user search pattern. Searchers have become more long-tail and targeted using local keywords, etc.

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  • Quick Overview of How Google Ranks Your Page

    With Google having close to 200 ranking factors it’s pretty tough narrowing down the ones that matter. The problem with having an abundance of information available is things can get pretty confusing and your the one that has to go through sorting out the value from all the junk. However, even when your reading content with pure value sometimes your given just too much informat ...

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  • What Google Has Changed in the SERP’s

    This is something that’s been a hot topic for several months. I can’t count the number of emails I get each week about Google Panda and what’s this means for the content. The fact is many people are scared because Google is really crunching down on blogs that have a history of low quality content and poor internal link building.

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  • What I learned After Sending 100,000 Newsletters

    No one can argue with the power of newsletters and how effective they are in getting re-visitors to your blog. Neil Patel stated himself it’s impossible to get 100,000 people to your blog a month without an active email campaign. However, you need to have the right elements in place when sending emails.

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  • Are You Too Busy To Stay Active on Your Blog

    As your blog grows, you become busier writing content and getting involved in many side projects. There are a handful of blogs I read that are popular in the content marketing, SEO, and general blogging niche with the owners involved in several projects at once. There comes a point where you’ll be simply too busy to care for your blog and will need some help keeping it active.

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  • Finding Free Stock Images to Increase Social Media Engagement

    Social media is the new trend in increasing engagement and blog growth. However, just like everything else, you have to find the right combination of text and/or images that attract visitors to the content you share online. Imagine having 100,000 followers on Twitter and “tweeting” your content with only 5,000 clicking-through. Personally, that’s a huge waste of time and effort.

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  • Some More Cool Content Marketing Tweaks for Big Results

    Content marketing has really taken shape over the last several years. Instead of you driving traffic to a product landing page, you’re essentially selling products through in-depth high quality content based-around your content. It’s an awesome tool and proven to be very effective for several reasons. First, it’s a great way to generate conversions and rank within search engines at the same time.

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  • Can Link Building Do You More Harm Than Good?

    Recently, I was skimming through the web and came across an interesting article. How? I visit a handful of blogs every day, looking for changing trends within search engine optimization, content marketing, etc. I came across an article based on link building and how focusing too heavily on it can do you more harm than actual good.

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  • What You Need To Know About Great Branding Success

    Blogging these days is all about building your brand and because a brand name is what people remember more than a general keyword name. Before it was a trend to name your blog after your niche choosing a domain “linkbuilding.com”, however, now names like JohnChow.com is what’s creating a buzz in online marketing.

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  • What Your Audience Expects from YOU in 2016

    Whenever a New Year starts, it brings about new changes within someone’s life, however, it does impact businesses as well in a dramatic way. Over the course of 5 years, we’ve seen new trends established online that are changing the way we interact with people. For example, social media platforms overall increased in size, content marketing has taken more shape, we write for the ...

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  • How to Use Hashtagify.me for Triple Engagement on Twitter

    Twitter is an awesome tool to drive enormous targeted traffic to your blog. There are two ways that work well for me. First, simply posting on my Twitter wall that has hundreds of relevant followers and secondly, to use the right #hashtags. Twitter is definitely an asset and if you utilize it correctly, you’ll definitely increase engagement, and build loyal followers and even ROI.

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