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  • Finding Free Stock Images to Increase Social Media Engagement

    Social media is the new trend in increasing engagement and blog growth. However, just like everything else, you have to find the right combination of text and/or images that attract visitors to the content you share online. Imagine having 100,000 followers on Twitter and “tweeting” your content with only 5,000 clicking-through. Personally, that’s a huge waste of time and effort.

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  • Some More Cool Content Marketing Tweaks for Big Results

    Content marketing has really taken shape over the last several years. Instead of you driving traffic to a product landing page, you’re essentially selling products through in-depth high quality content based-around your content. It’s an awesome tool and proven to be very effective for several reasons. First, it’s a great way to generate conversions and rank within search engines at the same time.

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  • Can Link Building Do You More Harm Than Good?

    Recently, I was skimming through the web and came across an interesting article. How? I visit a handful of blogs every day, looking for changing trends within search engine optimization, content marketing, etc. I came across an article based on link building and how focusing too heavily on it can do you more harm than actual good.

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  • What You Need To Know About Great Branding Success

    Blogging these days is all about building your brand and because a brand name is what people remember more than a general keyword name. Before it was a trend to name your blog after your niche choosing a domain “linkbuilding.com”, however, now names like JohnChow.com is what’s creating a buzz in online marketing.

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  • What Your Audience Expects from YOU in 2016

    Whenever a New Year starts, it brings about new changes within someone’s life, however, it does impact businesses as well in a dramatic way. Over the course of 5 years, we’ve seen new trends established online that are changing the way we interact with people. For example, social media platforms overall increased in size, content marketing has taken more shape, we write for the ...

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  • How to Use Hashtagify.me for Triple Engagement on Twitter

    Twitter is an awesome tool to drive enormous targeted traffic to your blog. There are two ways that work well for me. First, simply posting on my Twitter wall that has hundreds of relevant followers and secondly, to use the right #hashtags. Twitter is definitely an asset and if you utilize it correctly, you’ll definitely increase engagement, and build loyal followers and even ROI.

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  • How to Avoid a Bad Business Partnership

    Sometimes, when starting a business, you need a good partner by your side. They bring creativeness, financial backing, and knowledge about the project. Many people would agree that having the right person by your side is the extra push needed to succeed in your industry. However, partnering with someone can be a huge gamble, which can go either way, costing you a lot of money o ...

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  • How to Not Get Burned Out Working 50 Hours a Week

    One of the biggest problems with blogging is that it takes time to gather ideas and write them out. With Google penalizing those websites that are producing low quality content, content writers have more pressure on them to produce the best quality content for people. It’s no longer simply to write out your thoughts on paper because you have to really out-shine your competition.

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  • Rules to Follow When Accepting Guest Posts – Part 3

    No one underestimates the power of social media and content that took “2” years to get noticed is going viral within minutes. Platforms like Facebook.com and Twitter.com are cashing in on their success with growing numbers of users each year. However, it’s not only them who can cash in on the success because bloggers can do the very same.

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  • How to Effectively Sell Products through Email Marketing

    Email marketing is an awesome tool to generate sales, especially when you have a relevant list. There are several ways to obtain a list, with the obvious being through your personal website. However, because of the effectiveness of email marketing, many people have made a decent living simply acquiring niche related lists and selling them to large companies.

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  • How To Build a Loyal Audience On The Web

    There are millions of blogs online and you’re going to be in direct competition with many of them. In most cases, the niche you’re targeting will have competition from other people and the only thing that separates you from growing is a loyal audience. However, there are many factors that contribute to loyalty and it’s important you have a good understanding of these EXACT factors.

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  • How Convert Leads to Customers with Webinars

    The power of webinars cannot be underestimated and I personally don’t have the tools to launch a webinar series. However, many of the top bloggers occasionally will host webinars and the conversion rate will be through the roof. It’s important to note that webinars are NOT as simple as attracting people to a portal and promising to answer questions.

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  • Google Freshness Update to Increase Rankings-Part 4

    Studying the Google freshness update has taught me a lot about the way websites will be ranked going forward. In the last “3” parts of my series, I discussed the following elements… First, Google will adjust freshness score depending on how frequently new content is added to your website. Secondly, the freshness score of a website will be influenced by how often changes are ma ...

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  • Rules to Follow When Accepting Guest Posts

    I’m a true believer that guest posting can be very effective in generating traffic and fresh new ideas for your blog. When I first started my blog, I remember everyone telling me to search for guest blogging opportunities because they can increase brand awareness and traffic growth. Now that I’ve been blogging for several years, I’ve started to accept guest posts for my blog, h ...

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