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  • 5 Tips for Finding Profitable Keywords on Google

    When blogging for profit, it’s all about making sure you have the right keywords in your content. However, when saying “the right”, you have to make sure they’re profitable for you, or it won’t be converting, getting a return on your investment. However, the changing search patterns within Google has made it very difficult to find the right “profitable” keywords because they’ve ...

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  • The Best Guest Blog Practices to Build Authority

    Guest blogging is probably the best way to generate huge amounts of targeted traffic to your blog. It’s so effective that that’s the only method I recommend for anyone trying to spike traffic to their blog quickly. Other conventional methods like banner advertising costs enormous money and a solid SEO campaign takes time. However, guest blogging is only effective if you know what you’re doing.

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  • Marketing Tips That Help Win Customers – Part 1

    To create a buzz, you have to get your content noticed and in front of people. You can write some of the best content online but if you don’t have any effective channels to market, then it’s not going to do any good to anyone. Because the web is so huge, there are many channels that have been created to effectively organize the information.

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  • 5 WordPress Security Tips to Implement Right Away

    Statistically, over 75% of people use WordPress as their blogging platform and this is an enormous number. I’m not surprised by this statistic because WordPress truly offers you a complete blogging package, starting with an easy to use interface, and plug-in customizations, which is perfect for all of those with little coding experience.

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  • What Factors Matter When Ranking YouTube Videos

    YouTube is an awesome source of traffic and for building brand awareness. The interface is very simple to use because you can create a video using some of the FREE tools available online and publish it within minutes. YouTube.com has incorporate some easy to fill out meta-title, description, and keyword fields to optimize your videos.

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  • A Breakdown of the Links You Should Disavow

    Lately, Google has been making some serious changes to their algorithm and guidelines. With these changes comes the potential of losing rankings within the SERP’s if you’ve been caught off guard and haven’t been following the do’s and don’ts. To overcome the search changes, I’ve been writing content about Google Panda, Google Places, and the Disavow Tool.

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  • Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Pay Attention To

    When growing your blog, you’re going to have enormous contradicting information that can easily throw you off track. The Internet is so vast that it has its benefits but you can get caught up in information overload. For those of you not aware of this terminology, it’s when you have too much information from different sources that you lose sight of what’s correct and will guide ...

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  • Instagram Statistics and Why It Should Be Part of Your Business

    I love gathering statistics because it’s a great way to provide social proof that something is of value. Recently, I’ve been doing research online gathering statistics on social networks because social media is changing the way people share, create, and engage with content. However, the problem is that a solid social media campaign takes time so it’s important to focus your ene ...

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  • LinkedIn Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Get the Best Results

    LinkedIn is a reputable network and awesome for getting your brand across. Even though much of the interaction on this social network is career based, it can still be valuable if you leverage the right features. I’m surprised how many people don’t leverage some of the cool features many of these social platforms offer. For example, on Twitter.com, Facebook.com, and LinkedIn.

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  • Are You Running Out of Blogging Ideas? Try This…

    Constantly writing content for your blog can be overwhelming so it’s important you have creative ways to come up with some cool blogging ideas. What you don’t know is bloggers have used sophisticated strategies to come up with blogging content ideas that would last than several months. For example, they know what resonates with their readers and will focus on creating this type of content.

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  • Google Places Ranking Factors

    Local businesses have to understand the power of Google Places. There is a reason why Google created a local web directory and it’s to optimize the presence of regional businesses looking to build a greater online presence. For example, over the last 5 years Google has seen a major shift in the user search pattern. Searchers have become more long-tail and targeted using local keywords, etc.

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  • Quick Overview of How Google Ranks Your Page

    With Google having close to 200 ranking factors it’s pretty tough narrowing down the ones that matter. The problem with having an abundance of information available is things can get pretty confusing and your the one that has to go through sorting out the value from all the junk. However, even when your reading content with pure value sometimes your given just too much informat ...

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  • What Google Has Changed in the SERP’s

    This is something that’s been a hot topic for several months. I can’t count the number of emails I get each week about Google Panda and what’s this means for the content. The fact is many people are scared because Google is really crunching down on blogs that have a history of low quality content and poor internal link building.

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  • What I learned After Sending 100,000 Newsletters

    No one can argue with the power of newsletters and how effective they are in getting re-visitors to your blog. Neil Patel stated himself it’s impossible to get 100,000 people to your blog a month without an active email campaign. However, you need to have the right elements in place when sending emails.

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