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  • Imagining the possibilities of marketing and artificial intelligence

    The headlines say ad tech is dying or even proclaim that it’s dead. Consolidation is inevitable, no doubt, but I suggest that ad tech is evolving. Anyone who says that ad tech is dying is simply looking in the wrong place. Sure, buying and selling ads in squares and rectangles is becoming commoditized, and users are boycotting them.

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  • Takeaways for marketers from a conversation with Coke’s chief technologist

    OlegDoroshin / My team and I recently had the opportunity to meet with one of today’s foremost technology leaders, Alan Boehme, at the Collision conference. Boehme serves as Chief Technology Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and Chief architect for The Coca-Cola Company. In our conversation, he spoke about how the 125-year-old company is driving innovation.

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  • Publishers must start proactively fighting fraud and non-human traffic

    Digital ad fraud is costing advertisers $8.2 billion each year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. So what is the industry doing to address this massive crime? To date, the collective approach has been largely reactive: A reputable third-party measurement company audits a publisher’s traffic, and if fraud is detected, reports on the percentage that is non-human traffic (NHT).

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  • How digital media won the White House for an ‘analog’ audience

    Donald Trump’s election is perhaps the single best advertisement for digital advertising in the history of that industry. One of the major criticisms of Trump’s supporters during the election is that many were white and less educated than supporters of Hillary Clinton — traits not often associated with Madison Avenue and the data-driven decision-making that earned Trump’s pla ...

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  • A different view on viewability

    After reading Google’s report that 56 percent of digital ads marketers paid for never had a prayer of being seen by an actual consumer, one could hear a collective sigh of relief when the Media Rating Council announced a standard for measuring viewability. It wasn’t perfect, but at least advertisers could rest assured that unless 50 percent of their ad was visible in the con ...

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  • Which came first, the mobile app or the audience?

    Budgets continue to shift from print to digital and from desktop to mobile. One of the hallmarks of this movement is that now more than ever, anyone with an audience or the ability to create one is a publisher, holding the keys to targeted potential buyers. Culturally, we’ve seen a shift from broad-stroke messages with a one-size-fits-all appeal to more segmented targeting a ...

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  • Marketers mustn’t be afraid to click on ads

    There is a lot of chatter in our industry about the negative effects of ad blocking. And while ad blockers present a serious concern for our industry, would it hurt to consider, on a lighthearted note, that one shouldn’t be afraid to click on ads? I plan to click on more ads going forward, and in support of our industry, I’m encouraging my friends to do the same.

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  • The “BuzzFeeding” Of The Election And Why Marketers Should Be Watching

    During the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting last month, David Axelrod, former senior adviser to President Obama, took to the stage to give his predictions on the presidential campaign and talked about the dynamics of both parties. When analyzing the GOP field, Axelrod pointed out that while the media has continued to focus on the Donald Trump Show, ...

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  • Now Is The Time For Digital Marketing To Embrace Scarcity

    What is scarcity, and why does it matter, anyway? It’s how Uber gets you to pay more for a car in a rainstorm when everyone else in the city is trying to stay dry. It’s the last slice of pizza in the box when you and your friends are still hungry. It’s the last cold beer on a hot, sunny day. And how much would you pay for those things? That’s right… You’d pay whatever it costs to get them.

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