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  • 16 Questions to Ask Your Programmatic Provider

    I have been asked for advice a number of times recently on whether a managed service or self-service programmatic display solution is the right way to go. Of course, the answer to this question is generally, “it depends”. And it depends on a lot of things, but mostly it is about scale and control. What is the scale of your programmatic display activity and what control are you looking for.

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  • What is Header Bidding and why should I care?

    By now most people understand that programmatic display is primarily an auction based advertising channel. But dig a little deeper into the way publishers decide which ad to show, and you will see that it’s not always the case that the highest bidder wins. Header bidding ( also known as advance bidding or pre-bidding) is the latest technology challenged with levelling out th ...

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  • 5 things programmatic display still needs to prove to marketers

    Whilst programmatic trading is now an established norm in the world of display advertising, many advertisers are still coming to terms with what it means for their strategies and how they should be planning and executing campaigns. And although brand safety and fraud may grab the headlines as potential drawbacks of programmatic media buying, they are far from the only challe ...

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